Sep 18, 2016, 7:30:05 PM Life and Styles

Gloomy sky, rain drops heavily meets the ground, cold breeze in the atmosphere, moist covering the window. I let out a sigh and started thinking deep as I look outside but the zero visibility won’t let me see through on the other side, leaving me staring back at my own reflection.

Zero visibility is sometimes experienced in our lives where we can’t see all the way through certain things and situation. Making us jump in circumstances blinded on how it would go. Why do we have a point in our life where we can’t see any visibility of our path? Leaving us questioning ourselves if are we on the right track or are we taking the right steps. When life gets overwhelming, when storms are going stronger, we have to stop and let the rain pour down until it is safe to be back on the road. As I stare back at my own reflection, I thought I have to go back on assessing myself. The plans, the goals and what I am doing right now to reach them. It all goes back on redefining ourselves, refreshing our thoughts on certain things that blurred our vision and the feelings we want to feel or achieve in the future.

In every storm, the sun will always show up to give us a clearer view of our surroundings. God give us storms for us to take a pause for a while, to give us time to breathe and have peace with our thoughts. Zero visibility doesn’t mean our future is a huge blur but it is God’s way to remind us that He has bigger plans for us. It is His way to stop us from making impulsive decisions. It is His way of reminding us that we should get back on track. It is a prompt that with Him our dreams are not a zero visibility, not just a small probability but a great possibility.

Published by Tina Maria

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