A day in Busan

A day in Busan

I couldn’t stay in Korea for almost 6 months and not go in the second biggest city of the country. However, I did realize that at the end of my trip so I didn’t have much time to spend there. But in one day I decided to see as much as I could ! So here my one day trip in Busan:

Because of my short timing, I took an easy option: the drop-off  bus in order to reduce the time of transportation. My first stop in Busan was Oryukdo islets which are basically really tiny islands near the coast. You can see them from the coast and even walk on a glass bridge on the sea. However, you can not go on the islets themselves.


The fact of seeing theses small islands wasn’t the best thing ever but there were a path where you can hike. The hiking path is enjoyable, being in the “nature” and at the same time being so close from a modern city. Indeed, if you look towards the islets you’ll see nature but if you turn toward the city you’ll see the big buildings which are characteristics of Korea.




My second stop was in the city center to see the famous Jalgachi fish market. Because Bu_DSC6528san is near the see, there is one of the biggest fish markets there. After seeing the one in Seoul this one is still impressive but looks really similar.

There are a lot of different species of fishes, octopus, crabs, dry fish… The particularity of this fish markets is that you can eat your meal there. They prepare for you the fresh fish and you eat it on small tables in the market. One of the most famous specialties in Korea is eating living octopus. This meal is called Sannakji. I couldn’t try because it looks so weird for me… The small pieces of octopus are still movingin your plate and if you eat it, it will still move in your mouth. 



Then, my next stop in Busan was to see the famous Haeundae Beach. This beach is really famous because at night it’s really lighted through the huge buildings near it. However, by day this beach looks like a normal beach. The only particularity is that Korean are in the sea there. Indeed, Korean don’t really swim and when they go in the water it’s with their clothes and with some buoy.


Near the beach, there is the marine area with a lot of tall buildings. They are really impressive because they are also really bright and grouped.


My last stop in Busan was my favorite one. I went to the Haedong Yonggungsa temple. This temple really doesn’t look like all the other Korean temples. This one is between the sea and the forest and looks beautiful. _DSC7980

There is a lot of things to see there, by crossing different bridges to go see the temples, watch all the different golden buddhas and pigs (yes I don’t know why pigs). The colors of the temple are really brights, drawings are impressive… This temple is really rich and going to visit it is not a waste of time. Moreover, even if this is not an empty place (not crowded as well) the atmosphere is mystical and full of serenity.


One of the characteristics of this place is also the small buddhas all over the area of the temple. And it’s really cute !!



Visiting Busan in one day was really intense but at least I could see a lot of things. However if I get more time I would see the beach by night and the famous bridge of the city by night. Discovering Busan by night would have been another experience!


PS: if you want to discover more about Busan go check my other article talking about a small colorful village in the city : https://travelwithtinablog.com/2016/04/26/busan-gamchon-village/

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