5 Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid

5 Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid

Aug 6, 2021, 5:29:58 AM Life and Styles

A home inspection is one of the most crucial steps when buying or selling a home. It helps you save on the money you might later have to spend on costly repairs and insights on home maintenance. Home inspections mistakes can thus mean money problems and other stressful expenses ahead. 

Here are the mistakes to avoid during the home inspection. 


1.    Not getting a home inspection 

Even though this might seem obvious, many homebuyers fail to conduct a home inspection. However, there are several issues that you cannot locate with an untrained eye. Most homeowners already understand the places the buyers concentrate on. They thus either conceal them or do little repairs that will not be handled once you move.


No matter how well maintained the house seems, look for a home inspection. It is the only way to find the actual value of the property. In case of any damage, you can request repairs before moving in. You can also use the inspection report to ask for a discount when negotiating. 

2. Not researching the inspector 

The other home inspection mistake you can commit is by working with anyone without considering their qualification for the work. In a real sense, the home inspection is only as good as the home inspector. 


Avoid choosing the home inspector based on cost alone or working with a recommended one without more research. To understand the qualification of the inspector for your property look into their qualification and experience. Ensure they are licensed, then establish the period they have been inspecting homes and the kinds of homes inspected. For example, look for a home inspector experienced in luxury home inspection when purchasing bendinat properties and other homes of the kind. 

3. Not attending the inspection 

Once you have found a home inspector, you might find it unnecessary to attend the inspection. Well, attending the inspection is not mandatory. However, it is beneficial when you get first-hand information.


Attending the home inspection allows you to understand the nature and extent of each issue. You can also seek clarification from the inspector as much as you wish. Take caution from any home inspector who discourages you from attending the inspection. 

4. Not preparing the home for inspection 

The other mistake you make during a home inspection is by limiting the home inspector’s access to the various parts of the home. For example, if you have a basement or an attic space, you need to open it early enough for the inspector’s access. Some other places that need access are water heater points, HVAC equipment, and the electric panel. 


Failure to access these places during the inspection might mean a reinspection later on. You will be the one covering the extra costs. 

5. Not reinspecting after repairs 

The main reason for the inspection is to determine the areas under concern before buying the house. You can either request the homeowner to repair everything or reduce the home’s buying price. Either way, you have to find a way to repair the areas of concern.


Reinspect the home after the repairs to understand if it is safe for occupation and worth the valuation. 

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