How to Level Up Trials of Osiris Ranks Quickly

How to Level Up Trials of Osiris Ranks Quickly

Dec 2, 2020, 11:55:50 AM Entertainment

Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 recently got a huge revamp, making it more accessible and rewarding. With the new gameplay comes a new Trials rating and reputation system with Saint-14. There are now more reasons to play continuously than just to go Flawless.


Let's look at how Trials Ranks function, the current rank milestones, and how to level up your Trials reputation faster.

How to Level Up Trials of Osiris Ranks Quickly


In Trials of Osiris, there is no easy way to grind ranks and level up. That doesn't mean you can't maximize your game. Here are some techniques to make the most of your time competing.

Complete Bounties


Trials Bounties are a new feature to the game mode revamp. They are distinct from Crucible bounties and can be obtained weekly from Saint-14. Weekly and Daily Bounties are available, as well as Additional Bounties that cost a bit more to activate.


XP, Glimmer, and 35 Rank Points are awarded weekly. DAILY BOUTIQUES: XP and 15 Rank Points Additional Bounties only give XP. This implies you can't bank a ton of Extra Bounties vast finish extra Ranks.


That being said, you should acquire all available Bounties and strive to finish the daily tasks during the weekend. These are a mix of individual and Fireteam achievements that need certain weapons or abilities. Unfortunately, seeking Bounties can disrupt your entire strategy, so make sure you're comfortable pursuing them.


Take Flawless Boost Service


Trials Guardians must complete a 7-0 win streak to obtain weekly rewards and access to the Osiris Lighthouse on Mercury. Trials of Osiris is a new D2 3v3 PvP pinnacle activity announced in Season 10. Purchasing the Trials of Osiris faultless boost ensures a 7-0 win streak until the reset. The default option contains 1 character's perfect streak. You can take the 100% reliable trials of osiris carry service from the Boosthive.


Equip the Wealthy Passage


Trials Passages are your tickets to the Trials of Osiris. There are five in total, but only two are available right away: Mercy and Ferocity. These are meant to aid you out with an extra win or a loss forgiveness. After five wins, you can switch to a Passage that helps you boost your Trials Rank.


After five wins, return to Saint-14 and enter the Passage of Wealth. In fact, it will benefit your usage of this Passage. Getting three, five, or seven match wins increases your Trials Rank points. Sadly, you'll need to keep resetting your ticket to get the most out of this Passage, but it may be worth it for Ranks.


Win Games


It's no surprise that winning games increases reputation. That's how Crucible and Gambit function, and Trials of Osiris follows suit. The real boost seems to vary depending on performance, but it's worth practicing. If you're having trouble winning matches, check out our guide for tips.


Double Trials XP


During a season, every playlist game mode gets double XP weekends. There's no way to tell when Trials will be this weekend, although it's usually revealed in the preceding "This Week at Bungie" post. It also appears in an on-screen question each week when you initially login.


Play Trials for double XP. Use the other suggestions above to maximize the enhanced reputation when it drops.


Play Time


Winning is a well-known but lucrative reputation booster, and so is playing. In Trials, though, maxing out your Passage and winning with it has additional bonuses. You'll notice greater weapon and reputation drops once your Passage is maxed (with 20 round wins). In reality, as you bank wins, you'll gradually gain Rank.


This may seem simple, but it is the best approach to improve your Rank. Thankfully, playing has more advantages than other playlists. You get rewarded for playing, winning, and progressing.


Join the Fortress


The Trials of Osiris revamped ranks and points system is a perfect example. Share this article with your Fireteam on social media to assist them improve their Trials reputation. Stay with us for more Destiny 2 guides and tips.

Extra Tips


Trials of Osiris is a Crucible event that players can partake in to earn rewards. The higher the rank, the better the rewards. Players can level up their rank quickly by doing the following:


●    Play on weekends. The higher ranks are reset every Tuesday morning, and playing during this time will give players a chance to earn more points.

●    Play with a fireteam of three people. This will help boost the player's ranking faster.

●    Play on maps that are either close quarters or symmetrical. These maps tend to reward players with more points than maps with open areas or large landscapes.

●    Use weapons and armor that have been upgraded to their maximum power levels. This will give the player an advantage over their opponents and increase the chances of winning matches.



In conclusion, by following the tips mentioned in this article, you can quickly and easily level up your Trials of Osiris ranks. Get out there and start practicing so that you can achieve the best scores possible and earn those rewards!


Have fun!

Published by Tom Clark

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