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The quality of your attorney can significantly impact your personal injury claim. Personal injury claims can be intricate, and having a talented and experienced personal injury attorney can boost your odds of a good outcome. Despite your hiring efforts, you may end up with a bad lawyer.

Thankfully there is something like legal malpractice in Waukegan, but you don't have to let things escalate before dismissing the lawyer. Here are some indicators of an incompetent personal injury attorney than can help you make an informed choice during the hiring phase.

Your lawyer doesn't communicate with you.

Communication with your lawyer is critical, especially in a sensitive case like personal injury. Good quality lawyers like Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C/Waukegan personal injury attorneys provide free initial consultation and return your emails or phone calls within a reasonable time. You can tell a good lawyer from how they communicate with you.

They clearly explain the legal details of your case, tell you the truth even if it is unpleasant, and do not intimidate you when asking questions. Therefore if a lawyer fails to communicate with you, they are not the right one for your case.

They behave unethically

One of the common ways lawyers behave unethically is by advising witnesses to lie on the witness stand. If your lawyer acts unethically towards others, they are not the right one for your case. For instance, an attorney who conspires with a third party to defraud the insurance company or court.

If your lawyer can lie to others, they are also likely to lie to you. All personal injury lawyers in Waukegan must act according to their professional conduct rules, failure to which they face suspension or revocation of their practicing license.

They lack empathy for your situation.

The attractiveness of a good payday is not enough to bring the best out of a lawyer. A good lawyer cares, and it is one of the attributes to look for when hiring one. An attorney concerned about the difficulties you are going through due to the injuries will do everything to ensure you get your rightful compensation.

They apply unethical billing practices or hidden costs.

Some clients have had to endure the pain of a lawyer surprising them with an invoice for out-of-pocket expenses that they must pay whether they recovered personal injury damages or not. The lawyer's out-of-pocket costs may be genuine, but they must inform you beforehand. You would have a legitimate complaint if your lawyer said you would pay nothing unless you received compensation or if the hidden costs are ridiculous or unclear.

Your attorney guarantees a win no matter what

There is no way an attorney can guarantee a win in a personal injury claim unless they know something that you don't. A personal injury claim can be intricate, and a lot goes into proving duty of care and negligence. An attorney can say they have a solid legal claim but guaranteeing victory is something else. If your lawsuit goes to trial, there is no way an attorney can ensure that the jury will rule in your favor regardless of how strong the claim is.

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