Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

Feb 3, 2022, 11:51:33 AM Business

Local SEO is referred to as improving local businesses' visibility on search engines. Local SEO allows businesses to increase traffic to the business caused by increased searches by people around a certain area or where the business is situated. Here are a few tips to guide a business owner to maximum optimisation.


Use 'Google my business

'Google my business ' has become quite popular as it is a way for Google to push forward your content. But first, you might want to meet google's needs to ensure that you can optimise 'google my business';

●       Create a 'google my business page

●       There will be google posts within your account that you are expected to use

●       Ask your customers to share reviews about your business online

●       Respond to reviews posted

Once you complete these steps, google might verify your business and, therefore, might award you a coveted sidebar on their local search.


Post on social media and on google my business as well

Having successfully created a Google my business account, it is important to post and share your google my business account on your social media accounts. This will increase your flow to your google my business account from social media and vice versa.


Have a consistent contact address online

Having a working profile is not enough. Therefore there is a need to make sure that your potential customers can reach you when they need to. An easy way to set up an easy to reach contact information is through a NAP which stands for your name, address and phone number. To be easily accessible, you might want to add it as crawlable HTML on your website.


Perform an audit for local SEO

Once you have worked with local SEO for a while, it is advisable to check on how much progress your website has made. An audit will guide you to know if there is a need to employ more changes to get better results. An audit of the local SEO may include:

●       An audit on google my business to see how your business appears on SERPs and if the information on it is accurate.

●       Google search console audit, which checks if the website might have any hindrance to indexing and crawl

●       The on-page audit will check if your website accommodates all SEO on-page elements that assist in ranking

●       Analysis of competitors to see how well your website is matching up to the competitors and if there is any improvement needed

●       General website audit, which checks how well the website is doing in general.


Work on your Internal Linking Structure

The internal linking structure is equally important as the external linking structure. Internal structure supports the navigation of the website, assists in the architectural and website information, and distributes ranking power and authority among pages.


Let your content creation be local

There are content creators who are willing to write and create content for local users. While working with a brand that attracts different types of people from different regions, local content creation will increase awareness among potential local customers. Creating content beyond what you are selling will attract people to your product.

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