Understand the regulation for the Chinese Market

Understand the regulation for the Chinese Market

Aug 9, 2021, 5:47:41 AM Business

Chinese markets are undoubtedly lucrative for businesses with a vision that wants to expand. It can be notoriously hard to penetrate the Chinese market for market entrants. Or for companies that need to adapt due to changes in the market and consumer demand. As China's most prominent digital marketing company, we have assisted scores of businesses in China in growing with an intelligent strategy and flexibility.


Here are our top tips to crack the Chinese market.


Targeted Visibility/Reputation


Establishing a positive image and increasing visibility for your brand, product/service, or business is essential. You should make sure your brand is visible to the most relevant audience for your business proposition. Your goal is to remain focused and improve your standing on the platforms & resources where your target is most active.


Online Media & Mobile Marketing Dominates


Online marketing is dominating China. All forms of offline and traditional media are slowly disappearing. China is the country that has adopted the digital revolution the most. At 65%, it now has the highest internet penetration rate among developing nations. China has 550million smartphones.


China's mobile infrastructure keeps improving, and so does the need for a digital marketing strategy that is comprehensive and works.


Chinese Consumer Behaviour: Digital


Most consumers are comfortable engaging with digital platforms. They spend approximately 1.5 hours per day browsing the web, looking for information. Although this is not a country of highly engaged consumers with tons of information at their disposal, they spend a fair amount of time online. Therefore, it is crucial to target this market and put positive content in front of your prospects.


You can be flexible and open-minded in a fast-paced market.


Chinese markets require the business to remain open-minded. It's extremely fast-paced. Nearly every week, new policies, regulations, and rules are made or revised. It's simply the way of the beast. That shouldn't stop companies from acting. However, it is essential to stay flexible. Some ideas and concepts may need change to target local customers. It is also vital to tailor what you offer.


Chinese local platforms dominate


China has blocked many western companies that we all know and love. No Facebook, rather WeChat. Youtube, forget it. There's Youku. Baidu. Twitter has Weibo. Amazon? In China Tmall & Taobao, there's no way.


The whole new platform must be approached with a Chinese-specific approach in terms of Mandarin communications, content, or engagement.


Take advantage of Local Platforms


These local platforms have been created to cater to Chinese consumers specifically. To make an informed decision about market positioning, it's crucial to understand how relevant Chinese communities and consumers use Chinese platforms.


Local platforms aren't just "copy-cat" versions. They're unique and innovative ecosystems that have their uniqueness. WeChat (for instance) is a world leader in service innovations, while Alibaba's e-commerce cross borders stores are world leaders in user functionality & design.


Chinese Consumers purchase brands


Chinese are obsessed with branding. This society is focused on your 'face.' It is how others perceive you. What you buy is the most common way to show your 'face.' In a consumer-driven society, it's essential to tap into this growing desire for individual expression with branding.


Another plus is the fact that 'internationally manufactured' products are often synonymous with quality in China. China is a market known for counterfeits, so carving a niche as a quality foreign company can definitely pay off long term.

Quality Market Research

When you are entering a new market, it is crucial to investigate your competitors' and rivals' activities. What are they doing well, and what areas do they need improvement? This will help you determine your own positioning. Comparative analysis can be done with international competition, local companies, and success stories as much as failures.


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