What Are The Different Types Of Mast Present In Reads Forklift Rental?

What Are The Different Types Of Mast Present In Reads Forklift Rental?

Oct 9, 2021, 11:58:49 AM Opinion

Forklifts are used in a variety of industries, including warehouses, construction, and dockyards. These and other job areas frequently have big loads that require a powerful forklift truck to lift and transport.

Forklifts, despite their small size, can lift items weighing thousands of pounds into the air. However, because there are so many different types and styles of forklifts, how can a company choose the proper one?

The forklift mast is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a forklift for your job location. So check the reads forklift rental for amazing items.

What do you mean by forklift mast?

The upright position is also known as the forklift mast, it is the working section of the machine. The lift truck's mechanical framework on the front allows it to raise loads to the required heights. A forklift mast is raised by hydraulic displacement and lowered by gravity.

The mast is made up of several components that work together to hoist the weight. The mast may be extended and lowered thanks to the nested rails. The carriage is secured to the inner rails, and chains coupled to both the carriage and the mast at anchors assist in its raising and lowering. The carriage rides on the forks, which are utilised for material handling, along with additional attachments.

What are the different types of forklift mast?

There are four different types of forklift mast available in the rental markets. Here comes the list:

  • Mast with a single stage (also known as simplex).

The single-stage mast, often known as a simplex mast, has only one channel and no free lift. To stack weights, the mast must extend higher, which is why this is seen outdoors when overhead clearance isn't an issue.

  • Mast with two stages (sometimes known as a duplex mast).

The two-stage mast, often called a duplex mast, provides free lift and is frequently used for stacking and double stacking for indoor applications with restricted overhead. Because fewer mast parts are limiting the driver's view, visibility is better on two-stage mast forklifts. To force loads higher, a hydraulic cylinder is located in the mast's middle. While the mast is motionless, loads can climb (to some extent).

  • Mast with three stages (also known as triplex)

The three-stage mast, often known as a triplex mast, is the most popular and versatile forklift mast. This mast's outer stage does not move. It has two moving rails and one stationary rail that is inclined. The triple-stage mast is ideal for warehouse applications since it has a free lift and can reach greater heights.

  • Mast with four stages (sometimes known as a quad)

The four-stage mast, sometimes known as a quad mast, has the longest reach of all the masts. This mast is substantially more complicated than other masts since it contains four sets of movable rails and chains. It's also worth noting that the four-stage mast may have limited vision and may necessitate special driving training.

Therefore, you must select the forklift mast according to your need.

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