What Is The First Thing To Do At A Baby Shower?

What Is The First Thing To Do At A Baby Shower?

Oct 7, 2021, 6:30:18 PM Life and Styles

Directly from the United States and popularized by American series, baby showers are more and more common. Won by the trend, you want to organize one! But there you have it: what to plan and where to start?

1. Who should organize the baby shower?

Initially, the baby shower is purely feminine, organized by a friend or a close family member in honor of the expectant mother. Some mothers, however, prefer to manage their baby shower themselves. To reconcile the two, you can very well ask a friend's help to prepare a comprehensive organization checklist and distribute the tasks between you. Don’t forget to include the Baby Shower Signs, special lights, and sound systems there.

2. When to organize a baby shower?

Favor the afternoon for the organization of the baby shower. In the evening, the mother may no longer be very operational either because she will be tired or have to take care of her little one. Usually, the little party lasts about 3 hours.

3. Where to organize a baby shower?

In principle, a baby shower occurs between women and in small groups, with only friends and close family, at the mother-to-be's place. If you organize a surprise for a friend you can organize the party at home, a cocooning atmosphere is more pleasant for this kind of intimate event.

Notwithstanding, if you want to celebrate with great pomp the near arrival of your baby, you can decide to organize a large reception and invite lots of people.

4. What decoration for a baby shower?

Original or rather simple, the baby shower is organized around what the future mother likes. You can choose a theme for your decoration according to colors (rose gold, gold, and white, orange), an animal (fox, unicorn, elephant), a style (tropical, marine, jungle), or a universe (Disney, funfair, mermaids).

5. The drinks

In principle, we do not drink alcohol at a prenatal baby shower. The mother being deprived would taunt her to drink mojitos under her nose while she has lemonade. You can provide syrups and juices for healthy and colorful drinks, which will add a touch of peps to the buffet. Here is a list of 10 non-alcoholic drink ideas you could serve.

6. What gift to give for a baby shower?

A first baby requires investment in equipment. You have to buy a whole bunch of accessories to meet the needs of your (very) little person. The baby shower is an opportunity for the guests to participate in the equipment of the future parents through small valuable gifts.

7. A gift for mom

If the baby shower concerns a mother who already has one or more children, she probably has everything she needs. In this case, go for a gift directly for her instead.

We have made inquiries, and we offered you an overview of everything you need, with ideas and tips. From decoration to gifts, including the buffet, drinks, and games, here are a few marbles to organize a super baby shower without forgetting anything!

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