Points Of Light

Points Of Light

Timelessness is strange, remembering it…

Because it is not a memory, it can’t be.

Still— it hovers like a cloud; a thinning cloud ever dissipating, so enlarging.

And that is all it is, rather is-not.

It is like nothing, nothing you can imagine if you cannot imagine it now.

You will, you do, but not, yet— however that does not matter, it is timeless.

Timelessness is strange like that, to us.

You will see, I suppose. 

Seeing— you do not know what you see, still… You see.

It does not lessen anything, it does not increase it.

It is different, but this difference is the familiarity of an undefinable awareness which is not based on anything, but itself— which happens to be everything & nothing, which is something else altogether…

All I can say about such a non-state is that.

It is the point which contains all point(s).

What would such a point be like?

It is no different than any of the, other points…

What is size or time to such a point? To any of them?

This is the memory, of a moment…

Not any different, except that it exists in timelessness as non-existence.

It is just another point, but somehow this point saw it was a point— a moment.

I guess this is all I can say about it, there is no way to make a point.

It is all there is.



Published by Tom Lopes

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