Toy Kachina Zen, Lent

Toy Kachina Zen, Lent

Aug 1, 2016, 4:59:55 PM Creative

Being, under the surface eyes of the worthless
purpose, a shade of green seas slow as falling mind
trees have no language, for free
still, as deep time rings
they see
a key, seeking holes of new ages at the heights poured from bowls
they call themselves, souls
twisting, currents warm cold deep in the earth forming time, we grasp fading lines
hearts of gold, slowly roll mind moss rich leaping toils, with oil 
a strange body, shifting soils
shedding light skin cast off clear tumbling, luminous wings
a thing, of rings
speak of time myths, lost earth kings
listen… they sing
calling gods, help us win
we are, not far, though we have no such things we seers see all you bring
passing grows each day fall, softly so
I, go

To the wars, look!  Surrounding, is bars
all above endless stars, still yet more warm sighing— not far
in the land of the czar

Toy kachinas dance spin fly pop burst rise so they are
strange tongued puppets leaping sent, bring magic potions we drank
all is bent

They come soon hear the tune, this is cosmic enigma folds unlaced, spaced
interdimensional, face

Lent, see the carnival fair breathing tent

Rise & fall as we went…

Published by Tom Lopes


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