Unmanifesto: The Zen Pen Bends

Unmanifesto: The Zen Pen Bends


I am not very political, except for fun sometimes.
Or because it is easier than explaining, nothing.

So why?
Politics, can never achieve its aims.

Why? It solves problems--- which do not exist.
What? The problems, issues, and systems which we create and maintain.

What are they then?
Creations, things which exist.

How to deal with them?
Do not create them.

How to do this?
You must do it.

How can we get other people to do this?
You cannot, you must do it.

So what should I do now?

The same thing you are doing, only you see it.
When we see this, we will not need these things.
We will see we have them always, if only we realize--- these things are nothing.
But it does not seem like nothing.

What does it seem like?

Oh, and what is that?
I guess what we politick about.

Can you stop the wind?
How do you stop it?
You do not, it flows around you.

So what does this mean?
The same thing as always.

What is your point? Nothing.

Then why say so?
Exactly, but even saying so I have still said nothing.
However, we always make something out of it.
Thinking this--- is creation, it is not.

What is it?
Just this.

This is the paradox of trying to control--what you do not create, or see clearly.
I am sorry, here is no advice or solutions for this world.
It need none, we do.

However, I never judge this--- or even that.
I simply look straight ahead with a peculiar expression.
Bend slightly.

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Published by Tom Lopes

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