Why Caring is Futile

Why Caring is Futile

If 2016 has taught me anything, it is not to care. I tried caring about current events and politics but the extremist way the rest of the world complains about everyday problems has really put a damper on things for me. Any politician that is disliked by the media is instantly likened to Hitler; every sunny day is the hottest in 50 years and every winter is going to be the worst one ever; If a new game is released we’re told it’ll do things that nothing else has ever done before, only to find out all you get is a Pikachu following you around… Who am I kidding that shit was sick!

To grab people’s attention it seems the internet has perfected sensationalist writing. If my news feed is to be believed world wars 3 & 4 are just around the corner and spray tans may now become mandatory in ‘merica. Many of the people posting I can’t imagine have ever read more than a few headlines and watched a few clips on youtube of Trump acting a frump. Needless to say they are devastated and even though they possess a seemingly dimwitted cheeto dusted demeanor they none the less fully comprehend the gravitas of the situation.


Most of it is ads man!

The point of this is not to support ole Donny but to iterate this little rhetoric:- Don’t Believe The Type Hype.

So much of what we read is total unresearched nuggets of purest crap coloured crap. Worst part of it is the internet populace, including myself, eat that shit for breakfast. We happily gobble down any bit of gossip assuming it’s truthful just because we’ve read it.

We’re shown tiny snippets of the news unless we take it upon ourselves to delve deeper into the dark abyss that is current affairs.

Mic drop, rant over, signing out.

Published by Tom Oliver

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