ITIL Training and Price2 Training: Their Important to Your Business

ITIL Training and Price2 Training: Their Important to Your Business

Oct 28, 2016, 7:18:34 PM Business

The Importance of ITIL and Prince2 Training in the Work

Technology has changed the business world irrevocably over the last few decades. Access to new software and hardware has meant that for many professionals, putting a pen to paper is a thing of the past. Where once a draftsman would painstakingly draw out a set of plans for the construction industry, now there is CAD software which will allow the same staff to be completed in a fraction of the time. Legal and banking documents can now be sent electronically, removing the need for secure delivery services and legal copywriters. These are just two of the examples of the expanding role of technology in business.

Businesses that utilise the latest equipment and software stay one step ahead of the competition. Problems arise, however, if there is a shortage of staff trained and capable of using these tools. A skills deficit can be crippling for a business and result in projects far overshooting their projected timescales. Prince2 training will help employees effectively manage their time budgets to ensure projects are completed on target.

ITIL Training and its Importance in the Workplace

Today the majority of any working day is spent interacting with some form of technology, be in a desktop/laptop, mobile device, or input devices for hardware; in fact, the average worker spends four hundred and forty-four minutes each day looking at a screen. For IT workers, this will be even higher. It is therefore critical that employees go through proper IT training to maximise the efficiency of the time spent giving themselves square eyes.

Investing in ITIL training allows your employee to manage their workload better and could also reduce support overheads by 30%. ITIL training educates staff members about the benefits of information technology and how to utilise them; it will also give them the resources they require to organise and be organised efficiently, leading to an increase in functional roles in IT Service Management.

Developing Your Staff with ITIL training and Prince2 Training

Well trained staff increase the value of any business. A 2015 survey showed that seven out of ten respondents said that opportunities for training available applicable to their job title would influence their decision to stay with a company. This means that offering ITIL training to employees will give you a higher retention rate of productive staff.

Training is a great way of inspiring employees. Investment from the company in an employee’s knowledge will make them feel appreciated, as well as expanding their skill base. Classroom training can be attracted, but the logistics of organisation this can be difficult; staff holidays and sick days can cause disruption, as well as the difficulty of finding the physical space.

The ITIL certification allows a business to create a fully-encompassing framework within which all IT projects can be run. As the course can be run online, there is no need to fit physical and scheduling demands around the training, reducing stress for all involved.

Prince2 Training and How it Works

Prince2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a process-based method for efficient project management. Extensively used by the UK Government across all sectors, Prince2 also has a wide following both internationally and in the UK.

Prince2 certification gives an employee the skills to be confident in managing projects successfully within the business. Using Prince2 in projects will ensure a set of common systems, languages and procedures. It also provides a greater control of resources, as well as the ability to manage project risk and business more effectively. Fewer mistakes will be made and those that are will provide a greater wealth of information, allowing procedures to be refined.

Training such as this should not be overlooked by any business. In a world where tools and technology are constantly shifting, having overarching training in place that allows your business with the time is essential. The important thing with regards to staff training is making it work for your business. The majority of staff would be delighted with an increase in support from management to further develop their skills within their current job role. Investing in IT will soon move from being a high priority to being a necessity for many businesses. Ensuring staff are informed about how new technology and the accompanying procedures and structures work will make them more comfortable in their workplace. A happy worker bee is a busy worker bee.



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