The Biggest 6 SEO Mistake You Could Make In 2022

The Biggest 6 SEO Mistake You Could Make In 2022

Apr 26, 2022, 9:09:23 AM Business

SEO stands out as the most natural way in which you could grow the traffic of a website. While many businesses rely on paid promotion options, those that mainly use search engine optimization do have higher success in the long run.

The big problem though is that search engine optimization is not something precise. You cannot follow a blueprint and the industry is constantly changing. What worked in the past is no longer effective and you might actually end up hurting your rankings when you do not know what you are doing.

Fortunately, everything you do wrong can be fixed in one way or another. But, it is always better to avoid making mistakes in the first place. However, since the industry changes so fast, you might not even know that you are making a mistake.

If you are planning to do SEO work in 2022, here are the main mistakes you have to avoid at all costs.

The Use Of Black Hat SEO

It seems every single year people talk about how businesses should never use black hat SEO techniques and still, business owners neglect the advice. To keep things simple, black hat SEO strategies are shady moves that have one goal, which is to trick search engines to obtain high rankings.

While black hat SEO does offer fast results, they never stick in the long run. Eventually, search engines figure out what you did and all gains are reverted. Even worse, you might hit your site with a serious Google Penalty.

The very common strategies you have to avoid that are still popular right now are:

·        Cloaking

·        Backlink buying

·        Keyword stuffing

·        Structured data abuse

While, in some cases, you might use black hat SEO methods without even realizing it, in most situations, website owners know they are doing something wrong. Avoid the negatives associated with black hat SEO and simply focus on white hat strategies.

Not Taking User Experience Into Account

Everyone knows that for a site to be successful, user experience has to be great. Search engines always want to make sure what they present is great for their users. If your site does not offer a spotless user experience, it is a certainty that you lose traffic.

One of the best examples of things you should not ignore is page loading speed. When your site loads fast, user experience is instantly improved. Make sure to remove absolutely all themes and plugins that are not needed. Then, enable lazy loading. Finish everything by reducing image sizes. All of these tasks do wonders when it comes to increasing page loading speed.

As an extra tip, make sure to choose completely reliable hosting providers that are stable and always prioritize speed. Also, you need to test your site for mobile users since over 50% of internet traffic now comes from mobile gadgets. Obviously, security is also something to think about but this is surely on your radar.

Not Taking Search Engine Changes Into Account

SEO keeps changing and there is no such thing as a strategy that works for every single website. The methods that helped sites work a year ago are no longer useful. We can clearly see this in the use of the Keywords Meta Tag. Initially, it was a great way to rank faster. After some time, Google realized how it was abused. As a result, nowadays the use of the keywords meta tag is completely useless.

All search engines do what they can to improve the experience of the users and the search results provided. Also, they want to anticipate what SEO professionals will do and how they will try to trick the algorithm.

As a site owner, it is very important that you are aware of search engine updates and changes. This is not easy to do but it is necessary if you want to rank high since you want to adapt your strategy based on the changes.


Around the year 2012, SEO was all about stuffing links and keywords on a page. This practice no longer works and now we see keyword stuffing as being over-optimization. There are several such examples that can be offered so it is actually very easy to end up over-optimizing your pages.

In highly competitive niches, Google analyzes millions of web pages like yours. This allows the search engine giant to figure out quite fast what is organic and what is not. When you try too much to rank and you do way too much work on your pages, you hurt your chances of rank.

No Keyword Research

We are quickly approaching 2022 and it is surprising to see people still do not do proper keyword research when they try to optimize a website. Before you write anything on a page, you need to know what keywords you target. And you have to choose the correct ones because it does not help to rank very high for keywords nobody looks for.

When performing keyword research, you learn about similar keywords you could use to optimize your pages. Nobody says you have to optimize just for one. And if you can find the really competitive ones, your business will get traffic that will actually buy from you.

Using Low-Quality Content

Last but not least, a huge mistake you should avoid at all costs is publishing bad content on your website. This is true for plagiarized content and content that is of subpar quality. Your SEO campaign can be the best it could possibly be and you will fail with low-quality content.

The big problem with poor content quality is that it will not just make search engines rank your pages lower than they could be. Your site might end up being penalized because of having low-quality content and you will lose a lot of traffic. However, the big problem is website users will not like what they see. Your content will not engage them so people will simply leave. So, if there is just one thing you can invest in, make sure it is your content.

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