CD Review: Beth Hart - Fire on the floor


CD Review: Beth Hart - Fire on the floor

Dec 3, 2016, 11:55:37 PM Entertainment



Grammy-nominated blues singer/songwriter Beth Hart has returned with album number nine, The album has no shortage of emotion nor energy. Each track sees Beth throw every last bit of passion into the mix, charged along with her gutsy, gravelly voice. There is a great mix of emotions explored with everything from bright poppy moments to deep dark and gritty offerings. All of which paint vibrant and atmospheric soundscapes that transport you out into barren rural surroundings.

The album opens with the aptly titled ‘Jazz man’. Transporting you off to a smokey jazzy bar the song is oozing with vibrant energy, led by Beth Hart’s gusty voice. ‘Love gangster’ is a darker, gravelly tune. The flow between chilling and chaotic tunes paint a grim but vivid soundscape. ‘Coca cola’ brings in a solid blusey vibe that is topped off by a very cool guitar solo. ‘Let’s get together’ lifts the mood, with a bright and cheery feel and the tunes bounce around with great colour and life. ‘Fat man’ is a roaring blue/rock tune. The growling guitar fuels the song with a slow burning energy and creates a great rural atmosphere! The title track sees Ms Hart’s emotions up front and on display as the melancholic vibes thrash their way through in a slow yet powerful manner.


‘Woman you’ve been dreaming of’ is a sombre and heartfelt song. Led by a dark but subtle piano it acts as the album’s tearjerker. ‘Picture in a frame’ is another slow burning heartfelt tune that will test the driest of eyes! The album closes with the slow and melancholic ‘No place like home’ that acts as a kind of warm down to the emotional roller coaster that had just been experienced.

This is very much a heart on sleeve type album as Beth Hart puts out her bare emotions on display for all to see. She really throws herself into the songs with a blasting energetic voice and a lively colourful backing soundtrack. There is no shortage of feeling here!

Check out Beth Hart’s website to find out more!

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