10 Incredible Natural Attractions in Vanuatu

10 Incredible Natural Attractions in Vanuatu

10 Incredible Natural Attractions in Vanuatu

The amazing tropical island of Vanuatu provides a variety of natural scenery for visitors. From the relaxing beaches to the deluxe resorts to the diverse water sporting activities such as swimming, snorkelling, sailing, boating, scuba diving, and parasailing. Where the visitors get a lot of time in soaking themselves up in the sun, water, and sand, here is the list of 10 incredible natural attractions in Vanuatu which dig deep into the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the island.

1.      Evergreen Cascades Waterfall, Port Vila

Any person who is fond of the hypnotic waterfalls and marvels of nature will surely make a visit to the Evergreen Cascades Waterfall, as it cascades down several layers before bucketing into the natural pool. The visitors can take a stride down the forests and streams for the attraction. The visitors have a chance to take a dive as well to cool them off and admire the fishing sport.

2.      Millennium Cave, Espiritu Santo

One can experience the best of the moments at Millennium Cave, which is an adventurous and fascinating journey to the series of prehistoric caves and spectacular waterfalls. The trip to the Millennium Cave begins with the deep hike to the jungle, marking a steep movement into the cave. One can stop to admire the smooth limestone walls and spot the bats found there.

3.      Blue Lagoon, Port Vila

Far off at the Blue Lagoon, there lies a surreal beauty due to the crystal and incredibly blueish waters. The adventure fanatics can take the snorkelling gear and catch the tropical fishes, or can grab the rope swings to take a swing across the water. This has proven to be one of the fascinating picnic spots for the families.

4.      Mystery Island, Aneityum Island

As the name suggests, the Mystery Island is one of the enthralling places to visit, with a charming dot in the crystal waters accompanied by the white sand and calm shores. It takes around 20 minutes to walk around the island, to watch everything in one visit. One cannot miss the coral reefs which are offshores, a swimming ground for the tropical fishes.

5.      Matevulu Blue Hole, Espiritu Santo

Surrounded by kayak, Matevulu Blue Hole is a perfect representation of the stunning pool of crystal clear spring water. The waters are so clear that one will feel flying over the water rather than swimming. Accompanied to the blue hole lies a grand Banyan tree that outstretches and holds the bamboo ladder along with the rope swing, to take a bound into the blue paradise.

6.      Mount Hope Waterfall

You can make a venture into the jungle to admire the Mount Hope Waterfall, which is deemed as the cascading water fall plummeting into the beneath streams. One of the easiest way to make a visit is to float down the water after putting on the life jackets and striding down the trees. After watching the waterfalls, there is a lot to admire in the small cave that lies in the backdrop of the waterfalls. 

7.      Pele Island

The island is quite popular with the divers for their rich and beautiful marine life, as it features white sand beaches that are found spasmodically in the rocky shores. It is a heaven for the snorkelers, with the coral reefs just few minutes from the shores.

8.      Iririki Island, Port Vila

One of the popular private island and the touristy place. Just imagine waking up in the luxurious residence placed right in front of the island. The visitors can go snorkelling in the coral reefs just few steps away from the water, while hanging out with the tropical fishes, or even have choice to walk through vibrant gardens or taste aromatic spices that are culturally valued.

9.      Cascades Waterfalls, Mele Maat

Moving past in the paradise at Cascades Waterfalls, lies series of pools which leads to major drops. The pools are the exquisite spots for swimming and plunging off the nearby rocks. One can even wander off into the hidden cave in the backdrop of waterfalls.

10.  Eden on the Rivers, Port Vila

The tropical spot for intermingling education and adventure with the Eden on the River, as the visitors makes a tropical ecological tour, leading to the tropical riverscape. An experienced tourist guide accompanies to brief the history and takes deep down to the culture across the suspension bridge.


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