Banana Nut Waffle

Banana Nut Waffle

How would you like the taste of banana pudding for breakfast?  Or instead of a banana nut muffin a nice Belgian style waffle might suit your fancy? This dairy free recipe is sure to add an interesting taste to your breakfast meal.  I have provided some of the name brand products that I use.  Primarily I use these products because they do not use GMO products, but ideally the best products to use are organic, non-gmo, and if possible gluten free for health, but gluten free can be a little tricky as it relates to taste.  But if you can tolerate gluten then you will not be disappointed with this recipe.  I will try it with gluten free flour and will post at later time if I am able to duplicate the goodness without compromising the health benefits.



kingarthur.jpg1 cup King Arthur Flour



rolled-oats1/2 cup raw oats


rumfordtogether.jpg3 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder


canesugar.jpg1 tbsp Organic Cane Sugar


choppedpecans.jpg3 tsp chopped pecans

farm-cage-free-eggs-stamp1 large cage free egg (organic is best)


how-to-make-almond-milk1 1/2 cup almond milk (you may want to try making your own, but mines was store bought.  If you are interested in making your own you can click on pick to visit a page that will show you how)


177374110_xsOne chopped spotted banana



gro_hain_iod_salt_01_z1 tsp of sea salt


a1203 tbsp coconut oil (expeller pressed or cold pressed, all natural, organic preferred)


Combine all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl, mix thoroughly then add milk, egg, and oil (make sure oil is liquid and not solid form) and fruit and nuts last.  Mix thoroughly and add about 1/2 cup full to your waffle maker and wait for it, wait for it, first smell, then taste.  This recipe makes four delicious waffles that will keep if refrigerated.  Encourage you to buy either ceramic, stainless steel, or cast iron if available waffle maker.  Research non-stick options and try to stay away from aluminum options.  Remember if iron can get in your food when cooking on an iron skillet don’t think that whatever chemical concoction is put together to make the appliances you use don’t also have a transfer affect.  The thing that’s making you sick might very well be sitting in your cabinets.

Nutritional Facts

King Arthur provides a non-gmo and unbleached whole wheat flour option.  It can be found at some Wal-Mart’s for a reasonable price.  I recommend Rumford because they make sure that you don’t have aluminum in your food.  Much research has been done that you can find online on the link between aluminum and Alzheimers.  This is also a metal that is highly overused from cookware to deodorants.  I would strongly encourage you to eliminate or minimize this in your life as much as possible.

Organic cane sugar also is not bleached and if you gotta do sugar this is the one to do.  As you can see I am very frugal with the nuts, and that is because they are like gold now a days.  I try to incorporate as much of the healthy stuff without over using it as much as possible because of the expense.  Almond milk is relatively easy to make and is actually less expensive to make then to buy, but does require forethought.  Blanching is usually involved which may require an overnight sitting, but I imagine should be equally as good, however, I warn you now I have not tried it on this recipe.

Now if you notice I made sure I placed the picture of a spotted banana.  Most people are about ready to throw it away at this point but this is when it really gets good. Make sure that you refrigerate if you don’t eat all of these waffles as the bananas will cause it to go bad without refrigeration.  But in actuality bananas the ripper they get the better their health benefits, and for use in cooking it adds more sweetness the more ripe it is which makes it mo betta!

There is a great debate over which salt is best.  I will eventually research and do an article on this because there are currently so many salts on the market and still so many negatives for people in using it.  However, sea salt is what I use and iodized sea salt preferred because it is a good way of getting your iodine especially if you are not a regular fish eater or kelp eater.

Coconut oil is an awesome dairy substitute for butter.  But you will want to use it for way more things then cooking so I would encourage you to buy this by the gallon.  For one it comes out cheaper and it will replace so many other oils that you currently use.  Ideal for cooking as it doesn’t go rancid with increased temperatures.  Also, has high levels of ketones and MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which makes it effective against Alzheimer’s.  Google coconut oil and Alzheimers you will be amazed at the amount of information provided and testimonies on its benefits.


Published by Torie McLaughlin

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