Praying In Your Baby: A Look at Supernatural Childbirth

Praying In Your Baby: A Look at Supernatural Childbirth

I want to share a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  As a woman who has not been blessed with children of her own, I have not neglected to prepare for this event.  Even at the age of 40 I am hopeful and prayerfully planning, anticipating, and waiting for the day that my cycle doesn’t come, and my body begins to embrace the miraculous change that until that moment I have only heard about.  I am anticipating the conversations I will have and the loving gestures that I will make across my belly as I embrace every second of pre-conceived motherhood.  I am sure to those who have already been blessed to have the experience my notions seems way more romanticized then it really is.  So often I hear women complain about feet swelling, restless nights, discomfort, and fear concerning that day.  The concern that something will go wrong.  However, with all of that taken in and duly noted, it has not driven me to the area of fear of what will be.  Any pain I may have to undergo, or any potential defects that a woman of my age may have to consider.

Instead I embrace the quote of success, when preparation meets opportunity.  Thus this is my time to prepare. To arm myself with all the knowledge and most importantly understanding.  To start developing the healthy habits in my life that I would like to pass down to my child.  To do all the research concerning the safest and most beneficial products that will keep my family healthy.  Looking into what will make my womb a perfect resting place, foods that will keep my husband’s stamina and sperm healthy and whole.  Foods and essential oils that I can eat or apply for each trimester that will ensure a healthy child and most importantly praying through the entire process so that both I can be at peace and my baby can be blessed.  All of this in preparation for an event that I have no definitive word will occur.  But my prayer is that my preparation will bless someone else even if it doesn’t happen for me.  For that cause I have created a collection on Google+ that is available to the public, which will list all of the products that I personally recommend for helping women of purpose prepare to bring forth babies of purpose.  Feel free to join The Purposeful Pregnancy.

You will get a chance to read the books that have been a blessing to me.  The one I would like to share in this article is “Supernatural Childbirth” by Jackie Mize.  This book is encouraging, inspirational, and practical.  She not only retrains your thoughts concerning preparing for your baby, but gives you a biblical strategy that helps you obtain a pregnancy free of pain, free of medication, and encourages the presence of God to be in the very midst of the room with you.  She will help you develop a prayer strategy that blesses both the barren woman to pray her child into existence as well as throughout the pregnancy how to pray against any defects of your child.  This book shows you how to put your faith in action.  What you need to do in order to acquire this supernatural childbirth, and all from scripture.  Most importantly she does it as a woman who has been there.  This is her story, and she shares the struggles, the fears, the very real feelings you have if you have ever experienced miscarriages, have been told that it was impossible for you to have children, and have been told if you have children all the things that would go wrong with you because of structural issues with your body.  She shares it all and shares how applying these strategies have helped other women in similar circumstances.


I am still prayerful that Yah is not done with me yet and that my miraculous pregnancy will be as powerful an example of faithfulness as it has been even in the days of old.  But regardless of your circumstances if you want to have children or if you are pregnant you need to read this book.  Get it deep in your Spirit and put wings on your faith.  It’s an easy read and a small book.

If you want to bless a friend who is pregnant buy them a book today!  Current special is Buy one get one 50% off.  This is an excellent way to dedicate your baby to the Lord from conception to delivery.  This book will bless anyone who reads it, and will inspire and encourage you to pursue the word of God for answers and trust Him to deliver.

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