The Working Woman's Disease

The Working Woman's Disease

Endometriosis is irrefutable proof that the American lifestyle is killing us.  Upon my own personal research to find answers to combating the out of order growth of the endometrial tissue that should only be lining my uterus from growing outside of my uterus I came across a very interesting article.  It has taken me a while to write this for my blog because I was still letting this new information marinate and the more I digest it the more I realize that this is very important information to make known.

“Endometriosis is among the more common gynecological diseases, affecting more than 5.5. million women in North America along. Statistics tells us that between 2 and 10 percent of women of reproductive age are afflicted with this condition, and that endometriosis renders between 30 and 40 percent of them infertile, making it the most common cause of infertility.”1


What got me interested other than personal experience with this disease is an article I came across just a few weeks ago.  After undergoing six surgeries and twelve years of marriage childless I stumbled across this article that helped me understand the spiritual root behind this disease and understand how 5.5 million women in North America could be plagued with it.


“Those who are sexually active in healthy relationships are less likely to experience endometriosis attacks, and the attacks are less severe for them. Korean researchers have labeled endometriosis a “working woman’s disease” for this reason.”2


Let me explain a little, before I married I lived in Atlanta, I didn’t have endometriosis not one single solitary symptom until my first menstrual cycle in Atlanta.  I had absolutely no pain during my cycle until that time and I had menstrual pain the entire time I lived in Atlanta, even after the surgery.  I was able to greatly reduce the pain, amazingly not because of anything the doctors did, but as a result of researching natural remedies that I found out that raspberries, black berries, and the like actually subsided the pain.  My cousin who is an Acupuncturist explained to me why and after a year or two of having to take loratabs, morphine, percocets, to knock out the pain the fact that I could have ended the madness with a handful of berries and staying away from sugar during that time of the month needless to say made me mad with me and my doctors, for the very same reason, ignorance.  Ignorance is a costly expense and so rightly scripture advises us the consequences of it in Hosea 4:6.  He doesn’t say the world perish but his people perish for lack of knowledge and Lord knows what I didn’t know about this disease and about Yah’s natural medicine was killing the life that was meant to be birthed from me.

However, why these words mentioned above was interesting to me is I remember the first doctor I went to who did my diagnostic laparoscopy basically said having children would stop the pain.  Well of course as a believer, unmarried, this was not a biblically acceptable option for me at the time and since I didn’t have a boyfriend therefore marriage was not in the works I felt like I was caught between a rock and a hard place.  He didn’t neglect to let me know that the disease would return so I should have all the children I wanted to have and then close up shop (hysterectomy) to rectify the issue.  Well, obviously at age 23 that didn’t sound like the option I wanted to take either.

Very interesting note I remember is that my cycle in other places didn’t yield any of the pain I received in Atlanta.  It was as if the plague was only there for me.  When I moved to Louisiana pain stopped, I could just visit California during my cycle and absolutely not one shred of pain.  Wouldn’t have known I had a cycle except for the fact that I was bleeding.  For some odd reason there is no statistics that can be found that breaks down the location that this disease is most prevalent in the U.S. but I would almost bet Atlanta, GA ranks high up there.  I remember when I moved to Louisiana I remember how much calmer the environment was.  Atlanta, was always a busy place to me, my mind was always constantly racing even when I wasn’t doing anything I felt like I should be.  There is always a hustle or desire for more that I just felt I had to have this or that, it was a constant issue.  I can’t count how many women (especially women of color) I knew who had either endometriosis, or some other reproductive disease they were dealing with.  Many left infertile others having children and having to simultaneously deal with their reproductive issues.

Like the old song goes, “God is trying to tell you something”.  God was indeed telling me that Atlanta, GA was not the place for me to live.  The signs were clear but of course when you are trying to walk by faith as you understand it you just assume that the devil is trying to keep you from your blessing.  However, more than likely looking back I believe Yah was trying to get me to change my focus.  The direction of “career woman” had too high of a cost and I was willing to pay it to obtain that “American Dream”.   However, it has made me an activist to return women back to the biblical order that was established for us so that no other woman has to suffer as I did.

So fast forwarding to this observation by the Korean researcher I immediately thought about this scripture when I read it,

Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.  (1Ti 2:15)


In our rebellion as a nation to try to do anything a man can do we have found ourselves suffering because once again we have made something a focus that Yah hasn’t made a focus.  No matter how much money we make or fame we achieve there is a deep part of every woman that is given to us by God to birth something.  We have to ignore that part of ourselves in order to embrace this Western ideology that competing with men is something to be grasped.  Our quest for equality in every area has led to the current legislation on the books to erase gender roles altogether.  That is the end result of proving that women can do what men can do, without questioning whether or not we should even want to.  Let’s face it there are some beautiful experiences that Yah has given only to women to experience.  No man will be able to nurse a child, or feel a life growing inside of them.  This is a beautiful gift that in our desire for other things we have lost sight of.

The ill’s of our society, concerning obesity with children, juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, STD’s, and the like all goes back to homes where there may be career women, working women, single parent women, independent women, all available, but no mother’s.  No one there to nurture them in the word, to encourage them to be all they can be, despite popular opinion that is not the responsibility of the Army to do, but we as women fulfill that role.  The added plague of the African American community is the necessity for women to be a working woman because of single parent homes, in many cases as a result of we as women choosing to sleep with men without commitment, but also in many cases because of men who have chosen to break the marriage covenant.  There is enough blame to go around and the purpose of this article really is only to point out the problem as a means of understanding that the solution is within our grasp.  The problem is always rectified by doing the opposite of the cause, hence, repenting, returning to the Father’s pattern for us as women.

Just consider it, who feeds the family?  Women, we are the chef’s of the home, as well we should be because even nature itself reflects that it is our responsibility to feed the household.  When both parents are working this means that home cooked meals are less likely to occur.  This means that we are entrusting the world to look out for our families health.  Well, we see how well that is working out for us.  Do you really think McDonald’s is going to be concerned with providing adequate food for providing the nutritional needs of your home?  Who else is going to stay on top of policies that affect the home such as, GMO experimental foods, rBGH hormones being pumped into cows, mercury in our lakes, food colorings, preservatives, artificial flavorings, and the hundreds of different garbage items being put into the things we have as options to purchase for consumption?  These are not things that concern men, but they should concern us, and the lack of concern by us as women due to our being distracted by things that should not have to be our concern has caused the debacle we have today.

There is a home position that desperately needs to be filled, and this position doesn’t come with any immediate perks, doesn’t pay in green paper, and in most cases is devalued by society and many family members.  However, its impact on future generations is worth its weight in gold.  Your administrative skills, culinary skills, healing skills, and teaching skills are all needed and you don’t need a car, suit, or even to leave your home to accomplish it.  If we have any hope of returning to a healthy society the Homemaking, Woman of God, Daughter of YHWH, Virtuous Wife, must return.  It doesn’t start in the head, it starts in the heart, so I encourage you whoever you are, where ever you are, to return to your post because your position is vacant and only you can fill it.  Only you can do it and know that Yah is for you, he will guide you, and he can help you.

Published by Torie McLaughlin

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