Time Management

Time Management

YHWH has a biblical pattern for humanity that is sketched out from day one of the Creation week. Though he had to prepare the house (the earth and all that in them is) for our arrival he did so in a way that we can emulate him as our great father whose hand is in every right and perfect thing we do. In this series of articles my goal is to reveal these truths in scripture concerning the very amazing destiny that God reveals for how we should functionally live our lives in a way that is orderly and glorifying to him and immensely satisfying for us. I mean what can be more satisfying than pleasing our Daddy?

                That said, let’s look at day one of the creation week. The first three words reflect the greatest priority that God saw, that mankind is given, in a word, time, marked by these three words “In the beginning”. What are we doing with our time? This most precious commodity can’t be purchased, but rather is a gift given to all of us and the amount of it uncertain for both the rich and the poor. However, it is the very first thing God gives us stewardship over so if we are negligent in using it wisely it can greatly affect our effectiveness.

                Back to scripture, we see that in the beginning of time God created the heavens and the earth. Whew that’s a lot of work, but Yah didn’t waste any time from the beginning, he was busy creating something awesome, preparing for the future. As mother’s your child has a beginning as you were the beginning for your parents. From the point when that sperm meets that egg a new beginning for life has begun. God in his infinite wisdom gives you nine months to prepare for what only took him six days to do, and with that time as a body is being prepared parents are given a chance to do for their young ones what God did for them.

                Now, I don’t want you to think that time is only important for expected mothers, but rather it is the clearest example of how God graciously has a pattern for life that we can follow. Whether you are having children or not you have a new beginning everyday and what you do with it can either produce life for yourself and others or abort it. How we live and what we do doesn’t affect just us and neither was it intended to. We are called to make a difference in our sphere of influence, to touch lives, and to glorify our heavenly father.

                So I challenge you, what are you doing in your beginning? How are you numbering your days so that you are inclining your hearts unto wisdom? (Psa. 90:12) Who is ordering your footsteps? These are questions that we must appeal to the Creator who knows what we don’t and who can see what we can’t. We reveal our trust in him by giving him our beginnings. The beginning of our days, the beginning of our tasks, all the plans we make, and in all the ways we go. (Prov. 3:5-6; Deut. 6:4-9)

Published by Torie McLaughlin

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