What Makes America Great

What Makes America Great

“What makes America great is America is good!” 

The words of the next potential President of the United States.  Like so many statements from her as with her opponent, a statement that can’t be further from the truth.  Jesus Christ said it when he walked the earth and it still holds true today.  “None is good, but the Father.” (Mar. 10:18) The pride of this nation is the nail in its coffin.  Just as no one man on earth can fix the problems that we face, neither can we the people fix the problems that we face.  If it were possible then certainly that would have been the case in the eight year reign of the Obamanation experience we are bringing to a close.  The very foundation of his candidacy was the necessity for the nation to work together to see change that we can believe in.  Yet, eight years later we still are trillions of dollars in debt, couldn’t be much further from an insecure border, and still have a bankrupt or on the verge of bankrupt economy.  What made this nation great is the favor of God, just one too many "o’s" made all the difference between a lie and the truth.  We have always had a system that was maligned with injustice, and polluted with betrayal and deception.  Even her choice of music sounded like something I would hear at the bottom of the Tower of Babel that was to reach to heaven.  The rhetoric of “we are stronger together.”  The expectation that we as a nation can pick ourselves up from our own bootstraps and rebuild, even though we are falling further away from the recipe that worked for us as a nation is playing with fire.  It is the Judeo Christian underpinning of our nation that has kept us. 

Please don’t get it twisted neither left nor right wing is an acceptable choice and the tired saying of “the lesser of two evils” has led us to two unacceptable choices for the oval office.  At the end of the day we have to live with our choices and compromising between the lesser of two evils has led us to a brick wall in which many find themselves without a choice at all.  So much so that now the trump card (no pun intended) is making our first's.  Having the first Black President or the first Woman President, has made setting precedence an actual viable reason for choosing someone. Not what they believe, not where they stand on the issues, not their record, but their color or their gender more important than their character or their respect for God and Country.




Published by Torie McLaughlin

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