Filosofi Kopi, A Good yet Affordable Price Coffee Shop spotted in Jakarta

Filosofi Kopi, A Good yet Affordable Price Coffee Shop spotted in Jakarta

Sep 22, 2016, 12:36:33 AM Life and Styles

I remember, the first time I went to Filosofi Kopi was a coincidence. I heard much about Filosofi Kopi since the film was aired in cinema (2015) but I went to that coffee shop in early 2016.

For what is worth, Filosofi Kopi is a fiction book by Dee Lestari. The story is about Ben (a barista) and Jody set up a coffee shop called Filosofi Kopi. The book was made into a movie and the coffee shop that they used for shooting became their real coffee shop.

Filosofi Kopi is a small yet homely coffee shop. It has no Wi-Fi, so people come to enjoy their coffee and talk with each other. For me, it is a nice place for reading a good book (For a while, I just want to say BYE DEADLINES!)

The barista always talk to me nicely. They used to recommend their menu well, especially the cakes that they’re provide in the day.

For the coffee, my favorite is their ice mocha. Actually there is some coffee that you can try. There are black coffee, latte, and cappuccino. If you’re not a coffee drinker, you can choose their tea or green tea latte.

And back to my mocha, HA! Usually, I did not add sugar because I’d love to enjoy it with their pandan cake. Besides pandan cake, they usually serve chocolate cake and apple pie. Here’s a secret, never doubt their chocolate cake!

If a cake was too sweet for you, I recommend you to try their snacks. You can find churros, fried cassava, waffle, or french fries. Even they did not provide lot of choices, I think their menu is perfectly enough for a coffee shop. For me, a cake and a iced coffee is more than enough.

Filosofi Kopi is one of inexpensive coffee shop in Jakarta. Even the price is around 20-40 thousand rupiah, I guarantee that you will get a great coffee.

Filosofi Kopi
Jl. Melawai VI
Blok M, Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta

Published by Toshiko Potoboda

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