Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

Jan 7, 2023, 11:41:59 AM Life and Styles

Everyone wants their home to be cool and comfortable in the summer. Many assume that if an air conditioner is working, it isn't experiencing problems. However, air conditioners require regular care to maintain their performance. Keeping an AC unit maintained regularly ensures a home will say comfortable all year long.

Increase Efficiency

Air conditioners accumulate dust that causes problems with their operations. Homeowners need to know that servicing your AC unit will allow ti to work more effectively. Replacing clogged air filters will also help a unit function more effectively.

Improve Air Quality

Dust can be a nuisance, but it can also cause respiratory problems for many people. Removing the dust from a unit will improve the air quality in a home. Spring allergy season can be even worse if homeonwers fail to clean an AC unit. Indoor air quality is sometimes worse than it is outside. An AC tune-up can help improve indoor air quality by cleaning ducts and keeping many allergens out of the home.

Fewer Repairs

HVAC technicians estimate that 80% of all repairs can be avoided with regular AC maintenance. Repairs are costly and keep a homeowner from having an operating air conditioning system. In sticky and hot weather, no one wants their AC to break down. This causes an inconvenience for everyone in the family. Summer is the busiest time for AC repair, and it can take longer to get someone out to fix the problem.

Save Money

A well-maintained air conditioning system saves homeowners money. Energy bills will be lower when the unit is running most efficiently. Additionally, emergency repairs on poorly maintained units can add up quickly.

Peace of Mind

Homeowners who routinely maintain their air conditioner units rarely need to worry about their AC. They can rest easy at night knowing that their home will stay cool all night long.

Extend the Life of the AC System

While an AC tune-up costs money, buying a new air conditioner costs more. Homeowners want to get as many years as possible out of their AC units before replacing them. Most AC units last 12 to 20 years. A system with years of dust and grime buildup has to work harder, which causes more wear and tear on the system. AC maintenance won’t make a unit last forever, but is likely to keep it lasting longer.

Maintain the Warranty

New air conditioners come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Most warranties cover many AC components for years after installation. However, most manufacturer’s warranties require homeowners to have an annual tune-up to keep the coverage active. Skipping a year could void the warranty. Manufacturers want to cover systems that are well cared for. Homeowners should do everything they can to maintain their warranty coverage, as it can save them thousands of dollars later on.

What is AC Maintenance?

An AC tune-up can be different from one service provider to the next. Be sure to ask what technicians will do during maintenance. Choose companies that check refrigerant levels, evaluate performance, and lubricate moving parts. Capacitors, motors, and other mechanical components should be checked. Technicians should evaluate the entire system, including thermoses, air ducts, and returns.

An AC unit is an essential part of every home. Maintaining it routinely will keep it working more efficiently for years to come.

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