The History and Techniques of Great Coffee

The History and Techniques of Great Coffee

Dec 27, 2022, 2:33:05 PM Life and Styles

Well over half of all people in the U.S. are coffee drinkers, and many of them are not satisfied with supermarket coffees. They want to enjoy a rich cup of coffee that delivers the taste and aroma they love. Many coffee lovers enjoy drinks from their favorite baristas in local shops. Others prefer to prepare their coffee at home.

When choosing a coffee, understanding its history and the best ways to prepare coffee will determine how drinkable the final product is. Providers like The Golden Roast encourage customers to explore different coffees to discover how the nuances of different varieties and the preparation methods impact the coffee's taste. Since everyone perceives tastes differently, coffee lovers are always encouraged to try different options.

Where Did that Coffee Come From?

While no one is absolutely sure where coffee originated, the most common theory is that the bean was first discovered in Ethiopia. The bean’s popularity grew with people throughout the Arabian Peninsula, and the beans were soon used across the Near East. By the 17th century, the drink spread to Europe, where coffee houses sprang up despite objections by local religious leaders.

It didn’t take long before coffee appeared in the new world, even though tea continued to be the favorite beverage there until the American Revolution. By the early 17th century, coffee plants appeared in the Caribbean region, where they grew well. The first coffee plantations in the new world were in Martinique, but they quickly spread throughout the region.

Today, varieties are grown around the world, with more than 70 countries producing coffee beans. Since the taste of coffee depends on the soil and climate where it’s grown, coffee lovers now have many options to choose from.

There are four basic types of coffee, including Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa, but countless varieties are derived from those four basic categories. Each grows best under specific conditions, and growers select varieties proven to grow well in their areas.

Preparing Your Coffee: Which Preparation Method is Best?

Coffee experts disagree over the best way to prepare coffee, but some methods are proven to deliver excellent flavor and a wonderful aroma. While most Americans continue to use drip coffee makers, coffee lovers generally prefer other methods.

Coffee shops everywhere use espresso machines to produce the coffee their customers demand. Espresso drinks like cappuccinos and lattes are popular, but there are many espresso drinks coffee lovers can enjoy at a local shop. Many shops develop special drinks their customers love.

Home espresso machines are also quite common, but they generally don’t deliver the same results as the commercial machines used at coffee shops. However, higher-quality options come close. In addition, the quality of home machines continues to improve as the market expands.

Other coffee connoisseurs insist a French press delivers the best coffee for their taste. Moka pots are also popular with many people. Those pots use a pressure extraction strategy that produces results similar to an espresso machine. The important thing here is being open-minded and willing to try different methods to find the one that makes a cup of coffee you enjoy.

Choosing the Right Coffee

With countless roasters around the country, obtaining quality coffee isn’t difficult. However, many people prefer to buy coffee from a local roaster they trust. Doing so ensures they get fresh beans or ground coffee at a reasonable price. Local roasters are also willing to provide advice and offer a variety of coffees to try. While premium coffees cost more than grocery store brands, the results are worth the investment.

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