A List of Your Top Considerations if you are planning to Rent AV Equipment for Your Event

A List of Your Top Considerations if you are planning to Rent AV Equipment for Your Event

Sep 25, 2018, 6:36:30 PM Life and Styles

If you are responsible for planning an event, whether it's a huge event with 500 participants or a smaller, more intimate affair with 50 attendees, it's important to do everything right. Plenty of planning and preparation goes into events, and if you want your event to be successful, you should make sure to consider all the different aspects. Whether you are planning a conference, an exhibit, a concert, a theatre performance, a product launch, or any other kind of event, there’s one aspect which makes a vital difference: your AV equipment. Do you know what AV equipment you need? More importantly, do you know where you can get it? If you want to make sure that you are making the right decisions regarding AV equipment, here’s a list of your top considerations if you are planning to rent AV equipment for your event.

  • Know your budget

First, you need to know your budget – or at least have a reasonable estimate of what it is. Knowing your budget will help you determine your limitations when it comes to the AV equipment you can hire, but it also enables you to make specific changes in your budget when necessary. For instance, if you need expert lighting and stage design and you don't have the budget for it, you can determine if there's any other element which you can sacrifice to get the lighting and stage design you need.

  • Consult the experts

If there is someone on your staff who knows a bit about audio-visual systems and equipment, then you're in luck, as they should be able to give you advice on equipment and the systems you need. But if you don't have anyone on your team who is well-versed in various audio-visual aspects, you could rely on experts from an AV company or AV companies which specialise in AV rental equipment, who can more than likely help you with your precise needs for your event. An AV rental company can even provide you with a project manager and an entire team of AV experts who can create a customised AV plan and system.

  • Get information from your speakers, performers, and other participants

Most events have performers and speakers, and if your event has several performers, speakers, and other participants, it makes sense for you to consult them so that you know what it is they need when it comes to AV equipment. Every speaker, performer, or musician will have different needs based on their functions and preferences, and it's essential for you to find out what these needs are so you can plan accordingly.

Once you have consulted with your performers, musicians, speakers, and so on, then you can determine what specific AV equipment you need, be it projectors, video or television screens, video and audio recorders, lights, stage sets, microphones, and more.

It’s also important to find the right AV equipment supplier who can provide you with everything you need. Nowadays, AV rental services can even come with add-ons – which means that they don’t just provide you with the equipment, they can provide you with the expertise of specially-trained and experienced staff as well.

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