Beware of Fake News about Parsvnath Developers Fraud and Ripoff

Beware of Fake News about Parsvnath Developers Fraud and Ripoff

Aug 14, 2018, 2:09:02 PM News

Parsvnath Developers has always been one of the most trusted brands in the real estate industry. But now the company has been facing losses due to the false complaints and rumours spread out by the competitor companies to destroy the image of the company. The complaints and rumours about Parsvnath Developers Fraud have created a lot of hype on the internet and the social media networks. This has surely detiorated the image of the company in the real estate market.

Other than the complaints on the internet, there are customers who are supporting the Parsvnath Company by putting genuine reviews about the best kind of service and great quality of the property they received from the Parsvnath Developers.

When we talk of the complaints by the competitor companies about the Parsvnath Developers, there are a few complaints that they came up with and spread them all across the internet with of course a different wrapping of words. These complaints include unprofessional staff, non-allotment of properties, not sticking upon the agreement, bad quality of work. The complaints on the internet revolve around these only. And we can say that these complaints are too bad to be true. The genuine reviews on the internet have praised the company for having a great quality of work service in all aspects, and how quickly they got the possession for their flats, and how the company was always available to clear any kind of confusion about their properties anytime and every time. There are a lot of reviews about such services and also about the affordable rages of their properties which has helped the company grow so much over the past years.

Parsvnath Developers is facing court cases and is proving its innocence against these fraud complaints. The court decision is still pending but looking at the proofs submitted of Parsvnath innocence, the court has accepted the proofs and it seems to be in the favour of Parsvnath Rip off and against the complaints. Once the decision is made, all the fake and fraud complaints made by the competitor companies on the on the internet will be taken down and the companies who put up this complaints on the internet will be facing charges for fraud attempt to destroy the image of the company.

It is hard to believe that a company who has been in the real estate business for more than 25 years and has such a huge customer base can actually indulge in any kind of fraud. Instead, it will only improve its services to build a wider customer base and will work towards making their company grow.

When searching for a property, one must not be depended upon the information from internet but they should also consider collecting information from other sources as well like meeting the customers and listening to their actual reviews face to face.

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