Get Your House 'Diwali Ready'- 5 Awesome Ways

The dazzling festival of lights is just around the corner. It is that time of the year when people are knee-deep in cleaning and decorating their homes. During Diwali, we get the nostalgic urge of making our houses speak the language of festivities – inviting, happy, fresh, warm, and colourful! If you too are thinking of doing the same, here are a few ways to get your house ‘Diwali Ready’.

  • Recreate Your Living Room

While you are doing your Diwali cleaning, consider changing things up a bit in the living room. Whether it’s adding a few decorative pieces or a simple rearranging of the furniture, try to come up with your own colour palette of colours like yellow, crimson, gold and emerald to give it that festive look.

You can also consider repainting your house to add that festive glam. While it’s pleasant to have your house sparkle with a fresh new coat, it’s a good idea to get it done much in advance to avoid last minute rush (ideally a month before).

  • Light Up Your Garden Space

Your beautiful garden is an integral part of your house, and with a little effort, you can transform it into a stunning space. To make it come alive with lights, you can use little tealight holders and hang them on a few bushes in the garden.

You can even create a small garden table featuring the display of your custom flower rangoli or diyas as a welcome for your guests. You can decorate some empty birdcages (preferably white ones) by fairy lights and hang them on nearby trees for a unique look in your garden.

  • Make Your Entrance More Welcoming Than Ever

If you do not have a garden, set the mood for the festivity with your house entrance so that your friends and relatives feel ready to celebrate as soon as they enter. Add a welcoming touch to the entrance by placing diyas, tea-lights or by looping up fairy lights.  Alternatively, add colour by putting floating flowers or rose petals in a vessel.

  • Make Fresh Floral Arrangements Wherever You Can

The festival of lights and flowers go hand in hand, adding a lovely refreshing feel to your interiors. You can decorate your home with different types of floral arrangements, whether it’s placing flowers in vases, or making centre pieces with them, or hanging garlands around the doorway. However, do not forget to change the water every day so that the flowers stay fresh all the time.

  • Give Your Windows and Floors A Makeover

Diwali is a good time to get your windows and floors cleaned and give them a subtle makeover. Meaning, you can get your windows washed and change the old hanging curtains with new ones. You can opt for sheer curtains or silk fabric to give it a grand look.

Additionally, you can also give your floors a thorough polish and add colour to them to make your living room look more festive. You can use bright coloured rugs or carpets to lift the mood of the space. If you already have rugs and carpets, get them dusted beforehand or vacuum them to make them look new.

These are five ways to make your home ready for Diwali this year. Some of these tips are low-cost, while others may require a bigger investment. If you think that your budget might hold you back, don’t fret.

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The Bottom Line:

Diwali is the occasion to share laughter and to meet up with family and friends. So, impress your guests with your arranged and accessorised home decor.

Have a prosperous and safe Diwali!

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