Go Green and Save Our Planet: Our Tips

Go Green and Save Our Planet: Our Tips

Nov 3, 2018, 3:00:19 PM Tech and Science

Ever since Al Gore sounded the alarm on the devastating effects of global warming, living green has been thrust to the forefront. His voice has raised public consciousness about how everyone can help save the planet.

It’s never too late to join the bandwagon and be an earth warrior. Every simple step you take towards eco-friendly living goes a long way in saving our planet. And it’s satisfying to know that you’re doing something for the future generations.

Here we list some practical ways to start living green today.

1. Replace lightbulbs with energy efficient lightbulbs

Use of energy efficient lightbulbs is a simple way to cut your power consumption. You can also save on monthly power bills. If every house would replace at least one lightbulb, it can significantly reduce carbon footprint.

2. Turn your electronic devices off when not in use

Simply turning off your electronic devices when not in use, such as at night, can minimize energy requirements. And it’ll also mean saving on electricity bills.

3. Recycle glass

It takes a million years for glass to decompose. By recycling glass, you can help cut resultant air pollution and water pollution.

4. Use eco-friendly home cleaning supplies

A green home cleaning specialist from Jersey City cleaning services Eco Pure noted that household cleaners are among the leading sources of water pollutants. Use of green home cleaning products can prevent water pollution and help preserve its ecosystem.

5. Cut on meat consumption

Did you know that producing a single pound of beef requires up to 2,500 gallons of water? Livestock is also the top cause of deforestation. By committing at least one day free of meat, you can help minimize the need to produce more meat.

6. Dry clothes naturally

Using a clothesline and hanging your clothes outside to dry naturally is a simple green living tip. If it’s sunny outside, you can switch off the dryer and let solar heat dry your clothes. Not only will you save power, but it will also help keep the material last longer and smell fresh.

7. Go paperless

As much as possible, go paperless with your business transactions. If that’s not possible, make sure to maximize its use or recycle it. On average, a household dumps 13,000 pieces of paper each year. Always be reminded that paper comes from trees – and cutting on its use means saving more trees.

8. Patronize local products

If possible, buy locally produced goods. This cuts the need to transport products thereby cutting pollution.

9. Shower instead of a bath

Using the shower instead of the bath can cut by almost double your water consumption. Aside from saving water, it also reduces energy consumption on heating excess water.

10. Adjust the temperature

You can cut your power bills by up to 10% by simply adjusting the temperature by one degree. Not only will it help you save up, but it will also minimize greenhouse gas effect. Make use of the timer so that your cooling/heating system stays off while you’re away. There are also smart gadgets that enable you to remotely control home appliances.

There you have ten easy ways you can start doing today to help save our planet. Let’s all work hand in hand in making our world a better place for us and future generations.

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