Great strategies for playing fantasy cricket online & win big amount of money

Great strategies for playing fantasy cricket online & win big amount of money

Oct 29, 2018, 4:05:25 PM Sport

Fantasy cricket is gaining ground in India. The number of fantasy cricket websites and fantasy leaguers is growing exponentially, and the industry is raking up mind-boggling figures in transactions and profits. Fantasy cricket has everything that a spectator looks for including an inventive format or earning and entertainment avenues. While other attributes come by default for the leaguer, earnings take some doing. There is a science that guides winnings in fantasy cricket, and we are detailing it for you. Read on and stay in the know of things.   

Know the game:

Fantasy cricket thrives on a unique format where you are required to create a combination of 11 players and expect them to do well. However, there are several subtleties to this virtual sport that you need to understand fully for betting gains. You need to be aware of the rules and regulations of the game, which may vary from one website to the other. The number of team selection credits, penalty runs, substitution protocols and other nuances needs to be factored in. This will give you the bigger picture of the game and insights to develop winning strategies. 

Know the players:

When you play cricket online, you have to put together the best possible combination that will help you outscore fellow leaguers and realise your dream of a big payday. The players have to be selected from both teams involved in the real contest, and their collective price should not exceed the allotted number of credits. The situation calls for practical permutations and combinations based on the information. You are, as such, better off investing time and effort in determining the form, fitness and adaptability of the players, which will add nuance to your selection. Thanks to the internet, the legwork in this due diligence is restricted to figurative proportions only. Just access relevant knowledge resources and you are good to go.

Know the Pitch:

The 22 yards strip where all the action unfolds is integral to your earnings when you play cricket games online. A flat track is a batting paradise, allowing for quick and easy runs. On the other hand, fast, bouncy and green pitches favour the speedsters to the extent that an average pace bowler can be unplayable at times. There are rank turners as well, especially in the Indian subcontinent, which put spinners in the driving seat. Here, the horses for courses strategy will keep you profitable. Go with 7-8 batsmen and as many all-rounders as possible for flat trackers and prefer at least 4 speedsters for pace and seam-friendly pitches and two decent spinners for rank turners. Also determine the vulnerability of the pitch to wear and tear, particularly in the longer format of the game. Ascertaining the batsman’s adaptability to different pitches is also crucial. 

Restrict your emotions:

Fantasy cricket is a game of skills, ingenuity and prudence. However, many players let emotions override their selection decisions, which lead to their undoing. Having a favourite player is obvious, but persisting with him, even when he is out of form, injury prone or not suited for a particular format or condition, is a bad ploy. Take, for example, Rohit Sharma. He is an exceptional ODI and T20 batsman but an abject failure in tests. Preferring him for the longer version of the game means shutting doors on a capable batsman who can fetch you credits. 

Intelligent substitutions:

The fantasy cricket websites offer substitutions, allowing you to replace a player with another one during the course of the real encounter. You can capitalise on this arrangement for betting gains provided your replacements are practical and timely. Go for subs only at that point of the game when you have a clear idea of the pitch, weather, form of players and other such factors.

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