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Have you been browsing for Islamic art wall hangings online? Have you been visiting the market in search of Islamic wall art for sale?

Well, and then be ready to be surprised by the large variety of Islamic wall art. It is one of the popular trends in Islamic calligraphy art.Whether it is wall decals, colourful giclee prints or stainless steel frames, Islamic wall artis witnessing several new and interesting developments in the modern, international online market.

Islamic calligraphy is a vintage form of art, having taken off in 7th century AD, not very long after the demise of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

As Islam did not allow the making of images of humansand animals, the only way to decorate the wallswas calligraphic writing. Ayatsfrom the Quran, as well as quotes from the Hadith, would be inscribed in different calligraphic styles on the walls of mosques and monuments.

At the time of the medieval empires, when Muslims governed different regions of the world, Islamic calligraphy art was used to adorn the walls and domes of monuments like the Taj Mahal in Agra, India or the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, just to cite two prominent examples. It was also used to raise the artistic value of ceramic pottery, marble work and silk carpets. Non-religious calligraphy was also used to write court scrolls.

With the passing of time, the scale and grandeur of Islamic calligraphy experienced a downfall due to a variety of reasons -- from Western imperialism to general lack of interest in promotion of arts.

As a fallout of the digital revolution, social media and e-commerce, coupled with globalisation-led rising incomes, Islamic calligraphy is seeing a kind of revival - in a modern form. A potential market is being tapped for modern Islamic art.

Modern Islamic art combines traditional, handwritten calligraphy with computer-aided colouring and printing technologies. Handwritten black-and-white calligraphy is coloured and modified, after which it is printed on colour or paper in any size. It can also be transferred to a vinyl sheet so as to draw out a wall sticker, or embossed on glass to make a souvenir.

Modern Islamic artis often easy on the pocket and available in plenty - on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Etsy and Ebay, for example.

It is important to know that modern Islamic wall art for sale comprises artworks that are not just replicas of the original, handwritten black-and-white calligraphy. Instead, as we just explained above, a great deal of value addition is made to the original calligraphy by way of digital colouring, addition of decorative motifs, enlarging of their sizes, and printing on canvas or paper or leather. These can also be reproduced as wall stickers or metal frames or glass souvenirs – they can be resized as per the wishes of the customers. So, if you are searching for an Islamic art wall hangings online, you would certainly find a large variety of new mediums.Islamic art has diversified from traditional golden text on black fabric, embroidered wall rugs and ceramic wall plates to digital, modern art.


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