Stunning Diamond Engagement Rings Trends in 2018

Stunning Diamond Engagement Rings Trends in 2018

Sep 25, 2018, 6:24:26 PM Life and Styles

Some things in life that do not change over the years and one of them is buying a diamond-studded engagement ring to seal the promise of love and affection. Since the time DeBeers, the diamond mining giant came up with their tagline “A diamond is forever” in 1946 to push their sales of diamonds post the Second World War, a diamond engagement ring has a unique aura about it. However, styles change over the years and what was trending in 2017 is obsolete in 2018. 

This year’s trends have seen a rise in the classic and gorgeous look with intricate designs and patterns. But before rushing in to buy the latest trending ring for your beloved, try to find out what she wants. Women from a very young age dream of the type of engagement ring that they would love to flaunt on their fingers later in life and hence you should try to fulfil her wishes. If you are unable to gauge her tastes through discreet means, ask her directly or take her along when you buy the ring.

Here are the top trends for diamond engagement rings in 2018.

Pave settings

Pave settings have long been in fashion but this year there has been a surge in popularity for this setting. It is a design that has several small diamonds embedded around the band. These diamonds are held in place by tiny metal beads or prongs that are not very visible to the naked eye. Along with the diamond encrusted band, there is the main diamond at the top which can be round, oval or cushion cut. Pave designs trends in 2018 are based on white gold as against gold or rose gold of the previous years. The effect of pave setting is a continuous sparkle from any side you see it from. 

Halo setting 

Halo setting has been a driving force in diamond engagement ring designs for years, but every year there is a subtle change in styles and 2018 is no exception. This year the focus is on something more beautiful and eye-catching than before. It is a drop halo with an additional row of Pave diamonds. There is also a rise in shield halos with a classic vintage design matched with floral motifs. The highpoint of this setting is that small diamonds surround the central stone in concentric circles and because of these additional stones, it looks bigger than what it actually is. It is a truly stunning and timeless design.


Do not be surprised to see Solitaire on this list. This is one setting that will never go out of fashion and is as popular in 2018 as it was in the 50s, the 60s, or the start of this century. The six-pronged solitaire is the ring to wear this year. In this style, there is one single diamond at the centre and the price of the ring depends on the size, colour and carat of that stone. It is simplistic in looks but has a classic and sophisticated air about it. A Solitaire can be any shape- from round to oval to princess cut to cushion cut. You can even opt for the Pave setting with diamonds on the band to go with the Solitaire.

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