The Comprehensive Guide on the Suite Levels at AT&T Stadium

The Comprehensive Guide on the Suite Levels at AT&T Stadium

Nov 12, 2018, 11:54:14 PM Sport

AT&T stadium provides a superior experience for watching your favorite game. The AT&T stadium suites aim at giving you comfort, luxury, and class as you watch your favorite sporting activity. However, to derive maximum pleasure, you need to know the best suite that can satisfy your unique desires. The suites come at different levels with different amenities. This article helps you to find out all you need to know about suite levels at AT&T stadium so you can make an informed purchase when you visit the stadium.

Field level suite

Field Level Suites will provide you with the best experience in any sporting event. There are a total of 34 field suites that run along both sides of the stadium. They comprise a private enclosed suite with an open-air standing room patio about a foot from the suite. You can walk freely between the suite and the standing room. The private suite has lounge seating, a private restroom, Bar/Kitchenette, and HDTVs.  Other amenities include access to the Draft Kings club, VIP parking, and an expensive lounge area beneath the stadium where players enter and exit the field. You also get the option to purchase premium in-suite catering.

Hall of Fame Suite

The Hall of Fame suite is the most prestigious suite at the AT&T stadiums. The suites are located just above the 100 level thus offering a perfect view of the field. They have interior and exterior seating with two rows of leather stadium seats and an open-air balcony facing the field. Amenities include a spacious bar, kitchen area, lounge seating, a private in-suite restroom, and a VIP parking. You also have the option to purchase in-suite catering.

Silver Level Suite

The silver level suite is the most extensive suite level at the AT&T stadium. It comprises of 88 private suites around the entire stadium. The suite is found above the 300 level seating sections. It is the third level suite from the field. The suite includes between 18-20 tickets with the option of buying 10-20 additional tickets. Amenities include interior and exterior seating, bar/kitchen area, HDTV's, private restroom, and the opportunity to order in-house catering. You also get VIP parking tickets.

Ring of Honor Suite

Ring of honor suite is the fourth level suite found on top of the silver suite level. It can accommodate between 18-30 guests. Amenities include superior furnishings, HDTV’s, interior and exterior seating, private bar and kitchen area, VIP parking, and the ability to order in-suite catering.

Star Level Suite

This level provides a bird’s-eye view of the field since it the highest suite level. It provides you with both interior and exterior seating, bar/kitchenette, HDTV's, and a private restroom. You have the option to order in-suite catering.

Touchdown Level Suite

Touchdown suites are elevated above the playing field behind each end zone. They offer not only the best vantage point but also you get a feeling of the action on the field. They include interior and exterior seating and open-air balcony with two rows of high-quality leather stadium seats facing the field.

This guide is a pointer of what you can expect to get from suites at AT&T stadium. Since every person has their own unique suite needs, the suite diversity at AT&T stadium ensures there’s something for everyone.

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