What are the Work and Study Procedures in Latvia

What are the Work and Study Procedures in Latvia

Nov 17, 2017, 5:41:43 PM News

When you apply to a university in Latvia for education, you get the confirmation from there. The student gets an offer letter from the university or college if selected.

Foreign students must obtain a residence permit before entering Latvia. Here are the steps how to apply:

  1. In home country, Student must receive an official invitation from the University. The invitation is filed in the Office of Citizenship and Migration (OCMA) by the University representative. The student must also provide the invitation number upon submitting the documents.
  2. Then Student arranges an appointment with the Consular Section of The Embassy for the purpose of submitting the documents. It is important to mention that Residence permit application is submitted in person. No documents are accepted by mail.
  3. Generally, it takes up to 8 weeks to review the application.
  4. During the appointment with the Consular Officer, the applicant should submit all the required documents and provide information to the Consular Officer. Following documents are required:
  • A definite sample form for a residence permit request
  • A passport
  • A photograph

The police report is issued by a competent institution of the citizenship or the host country, if a foreigner has resided in that country for more than 12 months. However, document should be legalized by the Foreign Ministry (or the Embassy) of student’s residence country.

Then a document confirming the necessary subsistence is submitted: a bank certificate on the current balance of student’s account and the copy of the international credit card associated with the same account. The original credit card has to be presented during the appointment in the Embassy. The bank certificate has to be issued within last 3 months. It has to include bank’s full name, address, stamp, signature of an official and official’s name. As of 1st of January 2016, the necessary subsistence meant for students is calculated as the official minimum wage in Latvia (370 EUR) multiplied by the number of months of intended studies (stay in Latvia).

  • An agreement on studies in the Republic of Latvia should be submitted.
  • A document (confirming the envisaged place of residence in the Republic of Latvia and the rights to stay there) should also be submitted.
  • Documents confirming that you have acquired the necessary education to start the studies should also be submitted. However, document should be legalized by the Foreign Ministry (or The Embassy) of student’s residence country.
  • Then a document confirming the state duty payment should be submitted. The fees are paid only in the bank. The account numbers will be provided by Consular Section during the interview.
  • State fee is as follows 80 USD* (application reviewed within 30 days) or 240 USD (application reviewed within 10 days), or 400 USD (application reviewed within 5 days, after being received by OCMA).
  • However, Students applying for a master degree or doctorate are exempted from the state fee
  • Consular fee is 80 USD.
  • Legalization fee is 20 USD for one document.
  • Then, Residence permit application is reviewed by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) of Latvia. ONLY IF THE DECISION OF OCMA IS POSITIVE THE STUDENT CAN APPLY FOR D CATEGORY VISA.
  • Passport or other travel documents are to be submitted.
  • Visa application, (legibly filled out and signed by the applicant) is made.
  • 1 colour photo (size 35mm x 45mm, made on a white background).
  • Travel medical insurance policy is also submitted.
  • Airline tickets reservation is confirmed.
  • Non-refundable payment of 60 EUR is to be paid to the Embassy’s account prior the visit.
  • The Residence permit is issued in OCMA.

Latvia offers great education and work opportunities for international students. To know more about Study in Latvia, contact ISA Migrations.

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