College Life - The Early Years

College Life - The Early Years

I’ve been asked to write a blog about College and how it’s affected my life and If I could write a letter to my college self. What would I say?


2011 was a rough year for me, I left school where I had mostly been bullied or beat up so I was really hoping for college to be the new lease of life for me. I was studying Animal Care because I wanted to be a Vet and work with all sorts of animals. I went to Stonebridge City Farm where me and other class mates helped to look after some of the animals and clean their bedding.

I particularly enjoyed feeding the horse they had, I’m a big lover of horses and so this was pretty amazing. I even got to feed a turkey! They’re actually quite adorable too, though I loved holding the rabbits and brushing their fur.

Although I enjoyed caring for the animals 2011 was the year that I got diagnosed with Depression after I had made an attempt on my life. I also had to deal with a death of a teacher and friends turning against me. This made college life very difficult and I had a short break because I had been sectioned but I managed to continue college and get my work done without stressing.

I used to mess about in my first year of college, always saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” Even though I wouldn’t I’d use my money to buy takeout food and binge watch shows on Netflix whilst trying to do my college work.. It got done eventually in the end! I did make some friends but we haven’t kept in touch.


In 2012 I started my second year of college and studied ICT. I’ve always liked computers and so I thought this would be a good course to do. I’m always changing my subjects as I like to pick and choose what I do and not stick to one thing.

I had a brilliant teacher, we took computers apart and then have to remember where everything went when we had to put it all back! We had a great english teacher, she was quite strict and we’d bump heads a few times but she pushed me and it was a push I needed when I was messing about with my class mates or eating in class.

I got on with 2 of my teachers, one of them being Gareth and Richard {If That’s his name} They always made me laugh and helped me with my Depression which I was more than grateful for. I used to throw paper balls at Richard and I’d get told off and then he’d laugh and ask why I did it.. It was super funny.. At the time.

I still used to mess about though, always forgetting to do home work, eating in class or just being loud for the fun of it. I wasn’t always the best pupil but once I got stuck into work I really did some good.


The year I decided to do Level 1 Health & Social Care.. The best course ever! The other students weren’t too bad, just really loud and smelling of Weed. I put 100% into this course, I stayed late to finish essays and any other work from other lessons. I kept to myself to get work done, zoned out with music so I didn’t have to talk to people unless I needed to. My tutor Jan was amazing! She was super funny, never failed to make you smile!

I was 19 by this time and I was nervous because I was meeting my girlfriend for the first time because she was coming to see me at college and Jan said I looked beautiful! So I managed to get into a relationship and continue to do work, we even did some presentations for City Hospital Burns Unit! We met a nurse called Cathryn she loved our work that we had done. We made the Burns unit a happier looking place for when patients went into surgery.

I used to spend most of my time doing college work to Star Trek Voyager and stuffing my face with junk food, College was fun and I did go back to college last year but couldn’t stay as I couldn’t find a work placement and so I couldn’t continue the course.

I wish I had studied more because I could of been in university by now, or be a nurse, Vet or whatever I wish to be. I struggled because I didn’t concentrate on my work and I think if I had done all my studies I wouldn’t of had as many problems. I can only learn from my mistakes and make them right and I have. I was a Care Assistant and got to experience that and see it for myself. That I’m proud of. In Kind regards – Refinancing Your Student Loans.

If you could write a letter to you college self. What would you say?

Dear Tris,

Over the three years you were at college, you should of studied more rather than trying to make friends or get people to like you. If they really want to be your friend, they’ll like you for who you are and not what they want you to be.

Going through your Depression and being sectioned was hard but you got through it and passed your course and even though you decided not to become a Vet because you may have to put “some” animals down is okay. You did a great job with the Health & Social Care! Being a Care Assistant is hard but you did it even when one of your favourite service users died! You cried a little but picked yourself up and moved on. Be proud of yourself because not many people can do that.

You learnt that not everyone will like the same things as you but you understood that and made friends who liked the same things as you! You was a massive doubter and scared to really open yourself up to what the world could provide!

So to my college self, you learnt a lot, lost a lot and gained so much more! If only I could do all those 3 years over again!


The future Tris.


So college for me was very eventual, a lot of ups and downs.. Friends coming and going and the years went by so quickly and I learnt how to be me. I learnt that not everyone will agree with your beliefs or like the same hobbies. I learnt that having Depression and making an attempt on my life really does affect the people around me and it’s okay if I’m ill sometimes because I know things will get better. I’ve learnt not to be such a doubter and open up and see the things around me.

How was college life for YOU? And.. What would you say to YOUR college self? Let me know!

Love from

The Girl In The Shadows


Published by Tris-Kathryn Prior

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