The Intimidating Truth: Gun Violence In America

The Intimidating Truth: Gun Violence In America

Mar 20, 2018, 3:21:02 AM News

Here is food for thought. Globally, America holds a 64% of all gun-related homicides. Only followed by Canada, which sits at 30%. Not to mention the horrific mass shootings at schools, and public events such as the recent Parkland incident.

Gun violence in America is a problem.

And it’s a problem that is only getting worse.

America is supposed to be the land of the brave and the free. But with the rapid developments of gun violence, it begs the question how much freedom, is too much?

Through this article we go through some statistics about gun violence in America, it will shock you. But we are trying to emphasize why it is becoming increasingly important to take action against the rising wave of gun violence and all of its complementary consequences.

America’s “Reported” Guns Lays At Over 101 + Guns For Every 100 Citizens

America seems to have taken the production of firearms to the next level. Studies on the matter indicate that this great nation has a gun for each and every one of its citizens. Yet only a roughly a third of Americans report owning a firearm.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Remember the “land of the free” I talked about? Well, some states take this way to far. Citizens can go to the local gun store, and pick up a firearm no permit, registration, or even license 
needed. That’s right, the criminally insane, or youthful innocence can get a gun as easily as they can go pick up a cup of joe from their local café.

See the problem we face?

59 Firearm-Related Suicides Every Single Day In America

Chances are you know someone you care about or even love that suffers from depression. They battle on a daily basis to continue to survive. Now imagine, the easy access they have to guns.

America has the highest firearm-related suicide reports each year. With an average weighing over 1,637 souls. If that wasn’t bad enough…

At least one person in America dies every single day by accident in a firearm-related suicide.
Innocent individuals with access to a deadly weapon that should be restricted.

More Than 1600 Mass Shootings In America Since Sandy Hook

It was a sunny day in December 2012. The kids were excited, Christmas was around the corner. Their little hearts couldn’t wait for Santa Claus to come. Little did they know that the gunmen would rob them of their joy that every month.

Sandy Hook Elementary School In Newton was the victim of a mass shooting resulting in the death of 20 children, six adults, and the gunmen committed suicide.

If you're anything like me, you may feel shocked, and feel a bubbling in the pit of your stomach thinking about what these kids went through.

But since then there have been over 1600 mass shootings, all following the same traumatic trend.

These mass shootings may be responsible for some of the firearm-related deaths In America, but only a tiny mark on the 39,000 reported deaths on a yearly basis.

Buying A Gun In America Is Almost Cheaper Than Getting A Brand-New Laptop

You may be thinking, “No way, that’s just not possible.”

I felt the same way.

A low-end model of a Chromebook can cost you from $200 and up. The average low-end handgun costs approximately the same amount.

It just gets worse.

Assault rifles, military rifles, weapons that citizens do not need and should not have in their homes, are roughly the same price as your average MacBook. Costing anywhere from $1500 and up.

1 In 25 Of Convicted Felons With The Death Sentence Are Proved Innocent

The rising problems of gun violence come with its own unique set of consequences. With gun-related homicides and suicides on the rise – the police force is pressured to show they are making progress.
Not that we are saying that they do it intentionally.

But the scary truth is almost 5% of all convictions are against innocent citizens. With the rising levels of gun violence, unfortunately, you may just find yourself in a precarious situation. It is important to look into hiring an attorney if you ever find yourself in this type of situation..

Gun Violence Needs to Change

America is known to have more guns than any other country. If we want change, we need to fight for that change. The laws have become easy enough for good and bad guys to get guns - making mass shootings, suicides, and other types of shootings easier to accomplish.

There are some tips you and your family can do to protect yourselves if one of you are in a shooting situation. Stay low, play dead, or hide - these are all things Americans now have to do until the laws are changed. Until then, we must fight to protect our children, our colleagues, and our families from those with the intent to harm others.

It’s scary how easy it is to get guns in America. Without policies to restrict who owns firearms or a price barrier to prevent any average joe picking up a firearm, it's no wonder gun violence in America is just getting worse.

Published by Trishana Kashyap

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