What are the features of sheet lifter?

Sheet Lifter

What are the features of sheet lifter?

Jan 31, 2022, 5:28:07 AM Business

If you have a manufacturing or logistic business, you must install some heavy equipment in your warehouses. It is because you cannot move your goods from one place to another with your manual labours. Hence, you can install some cranes and sheet lifters to move your goods. You can use such sheet lifters with your existing crane or hook, and you can move any kinds of goods with these lifters.

Features of sheet lifters:

You can customize these sheet lifters according to your needs and you can use such lifters to lift any material of different sizes and weights. Additionally, you can also increase the productivity of your business by installing these lifters in your warehouses and you can connect the different sections of your production line with these lifters. Here, you can find some features of sheet lifters:

Sheet lifters are heavy duty hydraulic system, and these sheets are equipped with electro mechanic part. You can find a PLC on these sheets that can prevent damages and keep your goods safe.

You can add such sheets to any device such as crane and hook.

Also, you can customize these sheet lifters with a layer of plastic pads to keep your goods protected from external impact.

You can also decide the size, dimension, and capacity of these sheet lifters according to your needs, and you can customize their control panel.

If you are looking for sheet lifters for your heavy-duty cranes, you can customize your sheets with radio control system. With these sheets, you can move your goods from any distance and control your sheets from your office or control room.

Apart from that, sheet lifters are designed with printer, and you can print your data from your attached printer as well.

Sheet lifters can help you to handle your goods safely and you can move your goods from one place to another with a uniform transmitting force. These lifters can be used in any industry, and you need to use such sheet lifters for your metal industry.You can find some vacuum lifters designed with adjustable sliders, and you can use them to load your goods in different sizes. These lifters are powered by a self-controlling coil, and you will find a controlling hook in these lifters, which can rotate 90 degree.

These vacuum lifters can lift up to 500LBs and they can lift the loads by 50 feet per minute. So, these lifters will help in increasing the productivity of your business and you can easily move your goods from one room to another.

How to choose sheet lifters?

There are many companies available that offer such sheet lifters, and you need to choose the best one among them. You must check their loading capacity, lifting speed and durability before you buy. It is better to choose a lifter coated with a plastic pad because you can keep your goods protected from external damages with these lifters.

To choose the best quality sheet lifters, you need to know about your existing infrastructure. For example, you need a different lifter for your heavy-duty crane and you can choose a small-scale lifter for your hook-operation. In a nutshell, you need to check their operational features before you use. If you have any doubt, then you can talk to the experts and they will help you to choose the best sheet lifters according to your needs. Therefore, choose a company that can customize your lifters because you might have some specific requirements for your industry, and you can customize your lifters according to your specific needs. 

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