Continuous Resolutions

Continuous Resolutions

I've never been good at making or keeping New Year's resolutions. If I did make them, I would create a list and I would do nothing about it. I also realized how stupid it was to think that I had to start on January 1st to create a change in my life. Also, I had to be honest with myself about my habits and how I needed to change them in order to make anything happen.

A few months ago, I made a note to myself that I needed to work on treating myself better and finding happiness within myself. Then I made three ultimate and cliche goals:

  1. To be happier
  2. To be healthier
  3. To be successful

I wasn't going to try and wait until January 1st to start anything. I started slowly when I made those goals. My first act was ditching my bra and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My second act was starting to read more, because reading for me has always been relaxing and therapeutic. I have been trying to read a book once a month now, but it gets a little hard reading on a screen. I prefer reading from physical books. My third act was using my camera more. It was something that I really go to do while I was in Seoul last week during my vacation and it made me realize how much I truly love photography.

My most recent was signing up for the PIIT28 program and starting the 28 Day Reset Vegan challenge. PIIT stands for Pilates Intensive Interval Training and it is something that I have been wanting to do for months. But, I didn't have the money for the program nor did I have any real motivation to try and do it. For the reset, it was best to do it along with PIIT, but I also wanted to give my body a rest from all the crap I have been eating. I feel horrible after most things I eat and I also overeat which makes things worse. I decided to go vegan for the reset, because I really want only the best to be going into my body. I also want to see what causes me to feel sick once I start adding things back in after the reset. This is going to be really tough for me, but I am sick of being sick and always in pain. I need this for myself and I refuse to give up. Day one was rough for PIIT28, but I didn't sweat. I just turned a bit red.


I also really wanted to do more with this blog, so for as right now, this is the schedule for when I will be posting:

  • Monday: Life (Teaching & Living in Korea, Health & Fitness, Hair & Skin Care)
  • Wednesday: Food (Restaurants & Cafes in Korea)
  • Friday: Travel & Entertainment (Travel & Culture, Book Reviews, Film Reviews)
  • Saturday: Photography (New photos will be added to the page)

For those of you who do make resolutions for the new year, I wish you all best and don't ever give up!


This article was originally posted on on January 2nd.

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