so this is my first time posting on here since I just joined the MTS TEAM. YAAAY!!!

I thought I would start this journey by posting something from my blog

this is one of my favourite posts from my site and I hope it inspires you guys as well. okay, let's get into it.

Hey, guys. I know I know it’s been a while since I actually wrote something. Well, I’m here now so let’s get into it. I want to talk about our mind. The mind is a wonderful place filled with imagination and ideas and space.

You may not have noticed this but if you take out time to look at your mind you will be amazed at the things you will find out. You may think of things differently or your mind may register conversations in a particular way. You’re probably wondering; how will my mind have its own way of thinking. Well, this is how it works. You feed yourself so much information every day but in order to understand this information and process this information, your mind interprets it in various ways. So basically I'm describing the process of thinking. Even when you are not trying to think you still are because your brain has to process every bit of information it receives.  I realized that my mind is very animated and that conversations play out like cartoons in my head. I also realized that I am very logical and can criticize things objectively.

This is all because of the way my mind works. This information is important because as artistes we need to pay attention to the way our mind processes information because from that information, we get INSPIRATION. Inspiration is the driving force of every artist, it is what makes you create whatever you create. We can draw inspiration from anything so we need to be in tune with our mind.

Your level of inspiration affects your level of creativity. If you get inspired then you’re constantly thinking of ways to make that inspiration a reality or figuring out ways to transform that inspiration into something else.

Here are some tips you’ve probably heard of that can peak your creativity.

  1. keep a journal of some sorts; write down one inspiring thing that you realized every day [I'm trying to start a bullet journal myself]
  2. practice your craft every day or as much as you can
  3. surround yourself with positive people who can give you CONSTRUCTIVE criticism
  4. show people your work
  5. be open to seeing other people's work
  6. watch TV but not too much and not stupid stuff [ i just finished criminal minds ps. it was AWESOME]
  7. RELAX  the world isn't going anywhere. there is no rush
  8. PRAY or MEDITATE [whatever floats your boat]
  9. be a good person, be nice and kind
  10. look at everything like its art; because it probably is

Be creative. Just don't drink too much coffee it's bad for you

okay. I really enjoyed that and I'm hoping you did as well. let's talk in the comment section- do you have any other tips on improving creativity? what is your creative medium? ice cream or frozen yogurt?


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