Choosing To Finish

Choosing To Finish

Sep 22, 2016, 12:11:16 AM Life and Styles

         Challenges are a part of life. We cannot avoid them no matter how hard we try. Although this seems daunting, some good does come from it--we can learn from these challenges! Allow me to share with you one of the hardest challenges I have had (so far) in my life--and what I have learned from it.

           It all started when I was five years old. My family and I were at my grandparents house eating dinner on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. After finishing, my parents told me and the rest of the kids to go get in the car and buckled up while they said goodbye to my grandparents. So, we did. After a few minutes, my parents were still visiting in the house, so my siblings went to get them. I, being the youngest, just stayed in the car and waited for their return.

            When no one came back out, I started to worry. I was getting hot and sweaty in the car. My head started to ache very badly. A few minutes later my pain was so strong I vomited. I was too weak to leave the car, so I just waited for someone to come outside and see what happened.

            Finally, my parents and siblings came out, saw what happened, and we left. Once we finally drove away I was slowly beginning to feel a little better. When we got home my mom and dad helped me into bed and I slept the pain off.

            This new problem never went away. Throughout my life I would periodically get headaches. Not long after experiencing this new health issue, we realized that we could try to prevent the migraines by watching out for certain triggers (i.e not getting enough sleep, messing up my schedule, etc.). Eventually, I adjusted to this new way of living and continued on.

            All was well until just a few years ago. It was in ninth grade-- I was 14 years old. Just before Christmas break, I started getting headaches more often. They began coming daily. One week went by. Two weeks. Three weeks. I kept getting headaches each day until finally, we decided to go to the doctor.

            After a lot of blood work and other tests, they could not find anything wrong. Not wanting to give up, we ordered an MRI scan to see if it was something as dangerous as a brain tumor. Several hours and $600 later, there was still no sign of why I was getting headaches each day. We decided it was just a trial and we would have to live through it. Daily headaches were now my reality.

            As the months passed, the headaches got more severe and came more often. I was struggling in school because I was too sick to pay attention, take tests, or do homework. So I began to homeschool, but the headaches continued to win me over.

            About one year later, I was fed up with all these migraines I decided I was just going to be done. Suddenly, I realized that thinking this way would not stop anything. I realized that I would have to get through the challenge, not wimp out of it! So, I acted. I asked my mom if we could try a new doctor and see what his thoughts were.

            We went to a new doctor. He suggested a prescription to help reduce headaches. I do not like meditation but, I came to the conclusion that I would either continue like this or take the prescription and have a chance to feel better. I chose the latter.

             After a few months on my new prescription, my headaches began to reduce. No, they didn't leave forever. No, I never found out what was wrong. But, they have become less painful and less frequent. The headaches are still a part of me, but I have learned so much from the hardship I have gone through.

        Trials are no fun to go through. But, the fact is that they are a part of life. Each and every individual must endure challenges. When these difficulties arrive, we can decide that it is too hard and give up, or, we can face the trial square in the face and deal with it--overcome it. I believe that choosing the former will do us no good. It will not solve anything in the long run. We must learn to endure the challenges we are given! One of my favorite quotes, exclaimed by Thomas S. Monson, states, “Shall I falter or shall I finish?”. When the hardships come knocking at our door, what will we choose?


Published by Trystan Langston

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