The Importance of Wordpress in Web Development

The Importance of Wordpress in Web Development

Sep 13, 2021, 3:15:33 PM Tech and Science

Wordpress is an open-source website/blog creation platform employing a mysql based database, incorporating PHP as its coding language. It's the foremost convenient and accessible tool for creating and publishing websites. It also offers the foremost flexible blogging experience, also as an internet site content management system (CMS).

As of recent, wordpress has become one among the foremost prominent blogging platforms employed by most businesses on the web. In almost 20 years of its existence, wordpress has become an integral a part of the web.

Surprisingly, with all the features wordpress has got to offer, the platform is liberal to access for everybody. The fees you've got to pay are for hosting your website. However, wordpress also provides the selection to host your site for free of charge on their domain Although, if you spend $100/year, you'll have more customization possibilities and an ad-free webpage.

Below are the explanations why wordpress is of such importance.


By far, the foremost prominent aspect of wordpress is its simplicity and ease to use. It eliminated the need to master HTML, CSS, and other complex languages, allowing everyone to make their website.

With wordpress, you'll effortlessly choose the premade templates it's to supply. However, that doesn't mean wordpress doesn't require coding. If you're willing to form your plugins and templates from scratch, some coding is required. If you're operating in Singapore or other sister countries, you'll also browse for an web designing company in india as per your required niche.

Ultimately, this permits you to spend some time more efficiently, supplying you with longer to devote to your business.


Wordpress has no limits to its flexibility. It allows you to settle on features from a library of over 40,000 plugins and themes. Moreover, adapting to repeatedly changing online media trends has never been easier.

The platform features a plugin for nearly every feature. As an example, if you need program Optimization (SEO), install the Yoast SEO plugin, without having to pay someone. Similarly, if Facebook marketing is your forte, then pixelyoursite would be an appropriate plugin for you. Compared to wordpress, other CMS based platforms and tools tend to overcomplicate matters. While wordpress provides a clean, seamless experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With its sheer amount of plugins and superior back-end code, wordpress seemingly makes SEO a cakewalk. It also offers a built-in search function that aids SEO—and easily add search options to every page of your website.

Moreover, wordpress simplifies the utilization of multiple tags like the H1, H2, and H3 tags. It enables the utilization of keywords in your site, allowing you to customize your website urls. Lastly, you'll also analyze your website’s trackbacks and pingbacks. All of the facets mentioned above leave your webpage to be easily discoverable in online searches.

Open Source

Open-source refers to the code for software being freely available to everyone, allowing frequent updates and patches. This aspect of wordpress means it'll only improve with time. Naturally, this is often the rationale why wordpress has such a huge and diverse library of features.

Furthermore, thousands of developers collaborate with graphic designers to make appealing themes. Although the pricing for such features and themes may vary, most of them are free. The long-term stability of open-source software is additionally guaranteed, considering there are developers across the planet performing on it. Likewise, expecting better security.


Wordpress makes the creating and editing of internet sites rather convenient. With only a couple of clicks and taps, you'll access your webpage and modify it however you would like. The CMS incorporated makes it easy even for novices to mount and optimize their site, without having any knowledge of coding.

Henceforth, wordpress takes customization to a different level. Wordpress enables the user to customize their site limitlessly. There are numerous sorts of webpages you'll design for your business, which include ecommerce, Professional Blogging, Small business, Online forums, and Job listings


The wordpress community is vast and supportive. It's a huge number of designers and technicians who are willing to supply help and advice for free of charge. Undoubtedly, some developers offer their services for alittle price also. It allows you to settle on a developer of your choice without fear about being cursed with an unskilled developer.

Wordpress also provides actual interactions with the support staff. Except for the users on free-plan, wordpress has an endless stream of articles and video tutorials to assist mapped out your problems. Cheap plans like the Blogger plan, and above, gives you access to 24/7 live chat also as email support.


The beauty of wordpress lies in its simple access and therefore the infinite customization it offers. Far gone are the times when a robust educational background was a prerequisite for designing and publishing an internet site. It's made the lives of various people easier and fewer stressful. Wordpress has played an important role in contributing to the present digital revolution. Therefore, the importance of wordpress can't be stressed enough.

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