Social Media Fun

Social Media Fun

Results from the recent presidential election have people all over the United States filled with emotion.  Some citizens are elated with the selection (or election, whichever you prefer) of the new president, some are afraid and enraged while others are indifferent, as they just want the right things to be done regardless of who occupies the oval office.  The people have something to say and they want their voices heard.  To make this happen, most turn to social media.  

While these platforms can be very effective in reaching the masses in a positive way, it can also be a tool that destroys, hurts, manipulates and causes confusion.  I've actually had to distance myself from Facebook for a while.  The negativity and contradicting comments have been exhausting.  I've had to log off to prevent myself from commenting on more than a few posts.

While I am by no means ignorant to what is going on around me, I'd much rather prefer to keep my page drama free.  I also don't like jumping to conclusions, as I have done so in the past and quickly learned to confirm sources and facts before speaking out. I have sense to know that I'm not the subject matter expert on every topic and I'm not privy to all events happening around the world.  I'm also aware that just because I can say something doesn't always mean that I should.  

Social media provides a stage for those who neglect to research anything before posting, which can lead to spreading hate and misinformation, all for the desire to be first and popular.  Another issue I have with is how some Christians can recall certain scriptures to back their opinions but conveniently forget the what the rest of the bible says in regards to other situations, simply because they don't agree.

 I consider myself to be a pretty balanced person in regards to deciphering what's right and what isn't.  I do not side with people just because we share the same skin color and I don't disagree with others because we look different.  There have been a plethlora of immoral comments and actions on all sides and unfortunately, unless individuals move past their prejudices and ignorant behavior, things will remain the same.  As unbelievable as this all is, I will say that I'm not scared, but I am deeply concerned about the state and direction of our country. I'm looking for ways to spread hope, joy and light.  I encourage others to do the same. Here's to praying and wishing for better days. 

Published by Tyffani Thompson

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