When Life Takes Off

When Life Takes Off

Aug 6, 2016, 11:43:00 PM Life and Styles

I love when I get to work and see F16s parked on the ramp.  I’m not really into planes, but for some reason the sound and sight of these jets spark excitement within me.  They aren’t the fastest, but still impressive. This feeling is similar to whenever situations in my life change.  For the past year, there's been so many alterations to what I considered normal, I could barely keep up—child graduating and going off to college, husband retiring from active duty military, moving, new jobs, death, meeting new family members, the list goes on and on.  At times, I felt like I was flying  through the air at 1,350 mph like an F16, except my rides were a lot more bumpy.  

Change is an inevitable part of life and could either bring much happiness or seemingly endless anxiety and stress.  Regardless, we must find a way to deal with what’s going on at the time.  Right now, I love where I am.  I’ve found MY space in this world and it feels good. 

I’ve started new projects, am making new friends and getting out of my comfort zone on so many levels. This is called growth.  How and if we grow depends on our mindset.  Change forces us to grow in ways we never thought possible sometimes, so not only is it unavoidable, it’s necessary.  The bottom line is, when we are faced with challenges in life, we must adjust and find a way to cope.  When something great happens, we have to be grateful for that time because in a flash any situation can change.



Published by Tyffani Thompson

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