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So, you have an event coming up, but don’t know what to do about your nails? Luckily for you, Clutch Nails has a ton of elegant designs that are not only affordable and convenient, but truly stunning. If you’re on the lookout for some major mani inspiration, look no further than these classy nails for all occasions.

1. Glitter Nails

Get ready for a night out with these babies. Sparkling as the light catches them, this is a classic manicure that looks traditional yet subtle. We are just as obsessed with glitter nails as you are, so it's no surprise that this coffin press-on nail set is so popular. Show off your true shine with this gorgeous design!

2. White & Gold

Keep it simple with these timeless and beautiful white and gold nails. These gorgeous coffin nails will bring out the goddess in you. These press-on nails are perfect for brides or nail lovers wanting to look effortlessly chic for any occasion. Their glossy finish is what makes this nail set so angelic. Elevate your style with these press-on nails that will have you feeling like an absolute goddess.

3. Simple Nails

Simple and elegant, these nude nails do all the work for you. They may seem plain to some, but nude nails elevate your outfit without going over the top. Try them and remind yourself that looking classy, simple and chic will never go out of style. The key to this nail design is keeping it uncomplicated – less is more!

4. Jewel Nails

Jewels aren’t just for jewelry; they also make for beautiful manicures. This matte press-on nail set should really come with a warning that all eyes will be on you. With the jewel accents, it's near impossible for these black stiletto nails to not be the center of attention! It’s an elegant addition to a clean and simple manicure, and it enhances your look, no matter where you’re going!

5. French Tip

These glossy french tip nails are on everyone’s wishlist, and it’s no wonder why. After all, who doesn’t love extra long square nails? Simple press-on nails are effortlessly chic, and this french tip nail set includes snowflake accent nails that are totally swoon-worthy. Watch as you add a bit of extra chill to everything you touch with this beautiful design!

Classy Nails are a must!

Gorgeous nails don’t have to take a lot of time or money. Subtle and refined, these sets provide a beautiful, freshly manicured look without going over the top.

Published by Tyler Biswell

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