5 Pokemon Go Safety Tips

5 Pokemon Go Safety Tips


I love Pokémon Go as much as anyone. In fact, growing up in the era of Pokémon, I’ve been waiting my whole life for them to invade earth! However, I’ve seen a few things that have me worried for the safety of trainers in general. So, here are some quick tips for playing Pokémon Go safely. Have fun and make sure you live to catch ‘em all!


1.      Look Up When Walking

I know it’s hard to tear your eyes away from that screen but it really isn’t necessary to watch every step your avatar takes. Turn vibration on in the settings menu and it will let you know when a Pokémon is nearby. Pay attention to where you’re walking. Keep off of private property and never look down while crossing a street!


2.      Stop, Look, Listen!

When attempting to catch a Pokémon, spin a poke stop, or battle at a gym, it’s a good idea to take a breather. Stop walking, find a safe place clear of traffic to stand or sit, and look around before playing. Do not stop in secluded areas where a person could be hiding. Pokémon are magical, but we still live in a bad world.


3.      Keep Your Eyes On the Road

You don’t need me to tell you that playing Pokémon Go while driving is a bad idea. That’s not to say that you can’t still catch ‘em all while on the road; you just don’t want to wreck ‘em all. Have a passenger keep an eye on where the Pokémon are and park safely in a designated area before grabbing them. It’s a fair compromise.


4.      Lock Your Doors

If you’re playing in a parked car, take a few simple precautions. Park in a visible location away from vans, shrubs, or other hiding places. Lock your doors and keep your windows rolled up. Look up periodically to check your surroundings. If you see a person approaching, start your car and prepare to drive away. Better to be safe than robbed, hurt, or worse.


5.      Play with Friends

If at all possible, it’s best to play Pokémon Go with a friend or a group. It’s good to have someone watching your back, and numbers discourage criminal activity. Be sure to never travel alone at night. Remind each other of the rules above and you’re sure to stay safe on your journey to Victory Road!

Published by Tyler Deal


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