Step-by-step Minecraft Guides: Lake House

Step-by-step Minecraft Guides: Lake House

Oct 12, 2016, 9:35:16 PM Creative

Hello Miners, Crafters, and Minecrafters! Welcome to the step-by-step guide to building your very own Lake House! If you've outgrown your old Starter Base, then this is the waterfront upgrade you're looking for! If you're building in Survival Mode, be sure to check out my guide on Scaffolding!

Ready? Okay, here's what you'll need:


  • Oak Wood Planks x197
  • Oak Wood Stairs x87
  • Oak Wood (Log) x24
  • Oak Fence x37
  • Oak Door x1
  • Glass x28
  • Torches x6
  • Dirt x44


  • Shovel
  • Axe

Let's get started!

Step 1:

Find a nice piece of lake front property. Try by a river or ocean if you prefer!

Step 2:

Clear an 11x11 section of land. Watch out for chickens!

Step 3:

Lay a foundation of Oak Wood Planks in an 11x11 square and fill it in.

Step 4:

Starting with the corner, count to the 3rd diagonal Oak Wood Plank and place a column of Oak Wood 3 blocks high. Do this for each corner.

Step 5:

Build a wall out of Oak Wood Planks between each pair of Oak Wood columns. Make it 2 blocks tall.

Step 6:

Put a layer of Dirt on top of your Oak Wood Plank walls.

Step 7:

On top of the Dirt, place another layer of Oak Wood Planks with Oak Wood (Logs) for the corners.

Pro Tip: To get the cut face of the Oak Wood (Log) to face outward, you have to place in on the side of a block, rather than on top.

Step 8:

Place another Oak Wood (Log) block on each corner and fill in the gaps with more Dirt.

Step 9:

Place Oak Wood Stairs on the outside of each layer with Dirt blocks. Finally, place Oak Wood Stairs all along the top of each wall.

Pro Tip: Aim at the bottom of the corner where two sets of stairs meet. When you place another set of stairs, it will become a corner!

Step 10:

Place Oak Wood Planks in a row on the back of the topmost section of Oak Wood Stairs. You should now have a 3x3 hole in the center of the roof.

Step 11:

Place 3 Oak Wood Stairs at the center of one side of the foundation. Make sure the water is to the left or right of your house. 

Now chickens can visit!

Step 12:

TIME TO DESTROY! MY AXE HUNGERS! Start by making a 2x3 hole in the center of the front wall. Next, make a 2x5 hole in the wall facing the water. Finally, make 1x2 holes near the corner of the remaining two walls for windows.

Step 13:

Place two columns of Dirt 2 blocks high just inside the front hole, leaving the center empty. From the outside, place Oak Wood (Logs) on the side of each Dirt block to make some sweet accent columns.

Chickens love it!

Step 14:

Make a clean sweep and clear out all those Dirt blocks.

That's some bodacious shelf space you've got there!

Step 15:

Place 2 Glass blocks in each of the window holes, 9 Glass blocks in the hole in the ceiling, and 15 Glass blocks in the open wall between the Oak Wood columns.

Nice skylight, Brah!

Step 16:

Place an Oak Door in the front of your house between the accent columns. Now, put some torches wherever you like, inside and out.

Step 17:

Place Oak Fences all along the perimeter of the foundation. Don't forget to leave one space open at the top of the center stair.

That'll keep those pesky chickens out!

Step 18:


Step 19:

Go fishing off your back porch!

Published by Tyler Deal

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