Step-by-step Minecraft Guides: Starter Base

Step-by-step Minecraft Guides: Starter Base

Oct 11, 2016, 12:16:14 AM Creative

Hello Miners, Crafters, and Minecrafters! Welcome to the step-by-step guide for building your very first starter base! Get through the night in style with this simple, eye-catching design. If you're building in Survival Mode, be sure to check out my guide on Scaffolding!

Alright, is everybody excited? Let's get started! Here's what you'll need:


  • Cobblestone x128
  • Oak Wood Stairs x68
  • Oak Wood Planks x12
  • Chiseled Stone Bricks x8
  • Oak Doors x2
  • Torch x6


  • Pickaxe
  • Shovel
  • Axe


The materials for all of my designs are optional of course. Experiment with other materials, or use whatever you have nearby!

​Step 1:

​Clear a section of land that is at least 8x8 blocks. That's 64 blocks in total!

Step 2:

Lay a foundation that is 8x8 blocks. Use 1 Chiseled Stone Brick for each of the four corners, and fill in the rest with Cobblestone.

​Step 3:

​Time to build the corners of the house. Start on the block that is diagonal to the Chiseled Stone Bricks and build a column of 3 Oak Wood Planks. Do this for each corner.

Step 4:

Build your walls up between each pair of Oak columns using Cobblestone.

Step 5:

​Place 1 Chiseled Stone Brick at the top of each Oak column. These are your Cap Stones!

Step 6:

​Build up your front and back walls. Add Cobblestone in 2 rows of 4, and top it off with 2 more in the center of the wall.

Step 7:

​Build a frame for the roof using Dirt blocks. These will be removed later. Make a row of 4 Dirt blocks between the Chiseled Stone Bricks on the corners, then between each Cobblestone diagonal to it. Repeat on the other side.

Step 8:

​Start adding the roof by placing Oak Wood Stairs in a row on the outside of the Dirt/Chiseled Stone wall top. Then add another row on top of the Dirt/Chiseled Stone wall top. Do this on top of each row of Dirt/Cobblestone. Repeat on the other side.

​Step 9:

​Let's add some sweet eaves! Place a Dirt block on the front of each Chiseled Stone Brick and each Cobblestone at the top of the wall. Repeat on the back side.

Step 10:

​Add the eaves by placing Oak Wood Stairs just like you did in ​Step 8​.

Step 11:

​Add some stairs so you can get inside! Place 4 Oak Wood Stairs in a row at the front of the foundation.

Pro Tip: If you aim at the bottom corner of a set of stairs that is already placed, then the next set will curve inward. Pretty sweet, eh Grandma?

Step 12:

​Time for demolition! BWHAHAHA! *cough* Let's make some holes for doors and windows. Start by making a 2x2 hole in the front wall for the door. Next, make a 1x2 hole at the center of sides of the house. Finally, make a 1x2 hole above the doorway and a matching one in the back wall.

Step 13:

​Time for spring cleaning! Let's sweep up all that dirt. Remove the Dirt blocks from the ceiling and from under the eaves outside.

Step 14:

​What good is a house without a door and lights? Place 2 Oak Doors in the entrance way. Then, place torches on either side. On the inside, place torches on either side of the window opening above the door, and do the same for the opening in the back wall.

Step 15:

​Decorate! Add a Bed, Crafting Table, Chest, Furnace, Carpet, Paintings, Creepers, Potted Plants, put Glass in the windows, you name it!


Published by Tyler Deal

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