Step-by-Step Minecraft Guides: The Rookery - Tower

Hello Miners, Crafters, and Minecrafters! Welcome to the Step-by-Step Minecraft Guide to building the Rookery towers. Here's what you'll need:


  • Cobblestone x480
  • Stone Bricks x24
  • Ladder x28
  • Wooden Trapdoor x4


  • Pickaxe

Those villagers aren't going to rule themselves! Let's get started!

Step 1:

Start by building your tower foundation up by 2 blocks. Use Cobblestone.


Step 2:

Place a Cobblestone roof over the top of this section. Your 1st level is now complete!


Step 3:

Build the walls up by 1 block of Cobblestone.


Step 4:

Place Cobblestone 1 block high on the outside walls and corner. On the inside walls, place Cobblestone between the corners. Then place Cobblestone along the top of our new inside walls. The original inside walls should be 1 block lower then the rest of the walls now.


Step 5:

Build up the outer walls and all 4 corners by 1 block of Cobblestone. Place a Cobblestone roof over the center of this section. Leave the inside wall tops bare.


Step 6:

Build up the outside walls and corner by 3 Cobblestone. Then knock out the top-center block on both walls.


Step 7:

Build up the remaining 3 corners by 2 blocks of Stone Bricks.


Step 8:

Knock out a 3x3 section at the bottom of the two inside walls. They should line up with the foundation.


Step 9:

Place ladders against the center of one of the outside walls. Knock out 1 block in each floor above the ladder and build it up to the top. It should end up being 7 blocks high.


Step 10:

Attach a Wooden Trapdoor to the wall above the ladder, and you're done!

The small center room is a great place to wait for sneak attacks or to store items!


Step 11:

Repeat for the remaining 3 towers.

Published by Tyler Deal


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