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Connecticut transplant living in Colorado. Exploring, adventuring, and seeking something other than the cookie cutter "American Dream". Hard to believe that not very long ago I despised writing. Now it has become a creative outlet, stress reliever, and a way to feel like I'm doing my part to give people perspective.

My bread is butter is writing on current events that interest me and that appear popular on social media, particularly political and economic issues. I enjoy dispelling myths, lies, and propaganda about these events paraded across social media by the ill-informed – seeking to view them in an objective, logical fashion with proper perspective, as well as some wit and sarcasm. A well-informed, intelligent populace is an integral part of a functioning democracy, and I’m doing my part to help restore ours. My blog mostly dedicated to that subject matter can be found here: https://thewhiteboardpig.wordpress.com/

More recently, I've decided to shift gears and write on more personal matters; hopefully without losing the dark humor and sarcasm. That blog can be found here: https://ouradventureisoutthereblog.wordpress.com/

I am also a part-time (but hoping to go full time) drone pilot. My business page can be found here: www.adventureuav.com






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