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Ani Ugochukwu Kingsley, (born as Ugochukwu Kingsley Ani in the Eastern part of Nigeria), is a Nigerian author, model, and Legal Practitioner. He is the author of the books in the Whore Eternal series: The Wedded Whore; Sins of Men (a LGBT saga), Shadows of Earth (a GLBT anthology), Ritual Nightmares, alongside other works, some of them still in the making.

Born in the notorious city of Onitsha, the commercial hub of Eastern Nigeria, and perhaps the whole of West Africa due to the location of the popular Onitsha Main Market within the city, he spent his growing up years excelling in Literature, always at the top of his class before he finally won a writing contest at the age of thirteen, thereby kick-starting his writing career. He began his professional writing career at the age of thirteen, when he wrote his first full-length novel, Harvest, a multi-generational saga which all the literary agents and publishers refused to touch because of the fact that they could not believe that a person of ‘such a young age could never have written such an adult novel.’

He was raised as a catholic, with its attendant principles distilled into him from a very young age, and at such, this has affected his writing in certain ways.

He writes multi-genre literature, particularly delving into the GLBT genre because of the fact that there is a lot of homophobia in Nigeria. Thus, he brings out this aspect of his culture in his writing which have unusual, unconventional endings.

He has written an erotic romance, GLBT fiction, along with a thriller, Trial of Angels.











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